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Hail the King Chapter 403.2

Chapter 403: Loyalty to Zenit (Part Two)

“You made some good points,” Fei poured himself more liquor and said, “Since I can’t capture you and threat Jax, how about I just kill you? Without you, all these soldiers of Jax will not be organized. Before your reinforcement comes, I can easily wipe out these soldiers.”

“Although I’m only one of the 136 children of Emperor Fuji, I am not that insignificant. Also, my master is someone who even my father Emperor Fuji doesn’t want to offend. Therefore, if you kill me, you would be in trouble like poking the nest of wasps. By then, not only Dual-Flags City but Chambord City will also be wiped out in revenge. Alexander, you are a sly character. I’m sure you already know about my status and who my master is. You won’t kill me; otherwise, you would have already done it during the daytime.”

“Yeah! You are like the a-s of a dragon; no one dares to touch you!” Fei replied with an attitude.

After he looked at the moon that seemed a little murderous, he stared at this smiling prince of Jax and shouted, “You are right! I have done my research before coming to Dual-Flags City, and I know everything about you, including your powerful master and your powerful Senior and Junior Fellow Disciples. Too bad for me I guess! If I triggered Emperor Fuji and your master, Zenit could bear the consequences, but Chambord couldn’t.”

“Hahahaha! It looks like you aren’t as loyal to the Royal Family of Zenit after all! A lot of my generals thought you are very loyal to Zenit, and they are all wrong! Otherwise, you won’t let this opportunity get away! Even if your Chambord will be destroyed, you should still take the risk and destroy the 60,000 soldiers of Jax here if you put Zenit’s interest at first…… Hahaha! Although you are unlucky that you encountered me, I’m lucky enough to encounter you! If I encountered a mad lunatic who is 100% loyal to Zenit, I would have been killed already!”

Fairenton felt very good after he said that. He wasn’t as strong as Fei, and he lost in battle today as tens of thousands of people watched. However, he felt like all of the negative emotions he had as a result of what happened today all disappeared after he said what was on his mind.

“Ay, Your Highness, I have to remind you not to provoke me. I’m not good at controlling my emotions, and I might do something that is not logical when I get mad,” Fei was a little angry at Fairenton for stating all those facts, but he suddenly thought of something and laughed, “Haha! The food supplies of your 60,000 soldiers are all burned by me! If you don’t retreat, your warriors will all starve to death!”

An awkward expression appeared on Fairenton’s face, and that expression turned into anger quickly.

Food supplies were very precious to the people of Jax, and these food supplies the soldiers had were all accumulated from the hard work of their people. A grain of rice was more valuable than the piece of gold of the same size in the desert, so burning so much food was like stabbing this prince in his chest and twisting the blade.

“Ah! It is pretty late already; if we continue to chat, our generals and commanders might freak out. On top of that, we don’t have much in common,” Fei stood up and stretched his back. He put the rest of the liquor back into his storage space and suggested, “Don’t siege the city in the next few days. Otherwise, I might do more bad things to your campsite like poisoning your water source.”

Fairenton’s face changed color.

However, after he gave it some thought, he laughed, “Dual-Flags City and my troop share the same groundwater. If our water gets poisoned, then your people would be poisoned too! Haha!”

“Da fu*k!” Fei shouted something that Fairenton didn’t understand.

Fei felt exhausted and tired when he was in St. Petersburg, but he felt very relaxed and casual when talking to this enemy prince for some reason. He replied to the prince, “Don’t worry, I got the antidote.”

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  1. Vash the Stampede

    Yeah, only a moron uses poisons that he doesn’t have the antidote for

  2. kaneki op

    this chat is easily the most interesting thing that happened in these 400 chs

    • Netzach

      Well, we know for sure Alexander is a pushover in regards of his own emotions. I’m wondering whether he will be a tyrant later or not…

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