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Hail the King Chapter 404.1

Chapter 404: [Fei’s Murderous Helmet] (Part One)

Although Fei had the antidotes, he couldn’t poison the groundwater. Most of the groundwaters in the region were connected, and he might poison civilians on both sides.

However, there was a positive to this; this meant that the soldiers of Jax couldn’t use the same tactic against Dual-Flags City. Otherwise, they could have easily poisoned the water source in Dual-Flags City with all their spies and the traitors of Zenit they had.

“Alexander, we might become friends if there isn’t this war,” Fairenton put away the fancy rug and sighed.

“That is meaningless now. Since the war has already started, I don’t think that is impossible,” Fei replied. After a while, he added, “But you are an interesting character. If you want to be my friend, you can go and convince Emperor Fuji. If this war is over, that possibility could open.”

“Impossible,” Fairenton shook his head. As a helpless expression appeared on his face, he continued to try to convince Fei, “However, I have to recommend you join the Jax Empire. If you are willing to do that, I’m sure that Emperor Fuji would be willing to give you the honorable title of Duke. By then, you will be at the top of the power ladder in Jax, Chambord will be spared from this war, and we can still become friends.”

Fei shook his head.

At this moment, he suddenly thought back to the scene where that thin figure turned into dust and ashes on the peak of Martial Saint Mountain and covered the territory of Zenit. This scene appeared in the king’s dreams numerous times as if it had already engraved itself into the king’s soul.

“In my lifetime, I would never join the Jax Empire! Doesn’t matter what kind of danger I’m facing! Therefore, we can only be enemies! You should stop trying to convince me; otherwise, I’m afraid that I might lose control and kill you.”

Fei looked at this prince coldly as he said that.

Fairenton’s body lightly shivered.

He could sense the sincerity in the king of Chambord’s words; he knew that this king was being 100% truthful.

“It seems like I have touched one of his taboo subjects. If I say anything more on this topic, he might kill me,” he thought.

“I have promised a friend that I will protect the land that his ashes had covered. If anyone wants to cause chaos on this land, he or she should be prepared to bleed to death!”

Fei felt genuinely heroic saying that to Fairenton.

At that moment, he felt like all the worries and obstacles in his way disappeared, and he could grasp onto anything if he wanted to.

“I think we are both crazy to be talking to each other for this long. Last two things; first, since we both have difficulties, how about we agree to not battle in the next three days? You can prepare your food, and I will train my soldiers.”

Fairenton thought about it and nodded, “Ok, what about the second matter?” he asked.

Fei laughed and replied, “Since you agreed to my first recommendation, then the second matter is trivial. If you don’t do anything that makes me mad, I can still spare your life next time I see you!”

After he said that, Fei switched to Assassin Mode and disappeared like a dash of smoke.

Fairenton looked at the direction where Fei disappeared from and didn’t end up saying what was on his mind. He sighed, shook his head, and dashed back towards the campsite of Jax.


When Fei returned to Dual-Flags City, the campsite of Jax already quieted down.

“Don’t worry about the enemies. Pass my order, tell the soldiers to rest well and just patrol the defense walls tomorrow,” after he sent away people like Shevchenko and Ribry who were anxious to report back to him, Fei said to the four strongmen – Pierce, Drogba, Huerk, and Kanort who were now his guards, “I need to rest for a few hours. You guys guard the watchtower and don’t let anyone enter.”

“As you wish,” the four strongmen walked out of the watchtower and guarded the area carefully.

Under Assassin Mode, Fei laid a few magic traps that weren’t too powerful in the watchtower just in case if some people rushed in carelessly. Then, he switched to Barbarian Mode and entered Diablo World.

Fei had to increase his strength immediately.


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