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Hail the King Chapter 405.1

Chapter 405: I Need A Mask (Part One)

“Haha! Not bad, not bad! What a surprise. The reward for this quest is satisfactory,” Fei felt great after he put on the new fantastic helmet.

“Alexander, I also need a mask,” Elena who always stood by Fei’s side quietly suddenly opened her mouth and asked.

“Ah? A mask? Why?” Fei was surprised and felt curious; this was the first time that Elena asked him for anything.

“I only want you to see my face,” Elena answered directly; her response was just like her – simple, concise, and didn’t need anything else to be beautiful.

Fei was a little shocked; he didn’t expect this answer.

After he gave it some more thoughts, he realized that he had been ignoring one thing.

Elena was known as the [Flower of Rogue], and she was gorgeous. Since she grew up fighting monsters in Diablo World, she had a valiant aura around her.

A girl like Elena would be considered a goddess in the real world, and it was normal that she was in the center of the attention.

During the competition among the affiliated kingdoms, Elena got a lot of fans because of her unique aura and gorgeous look.

However, since Elena grew up in Diablo World, she only had contact with the few people and was an introvert. She didn’t like talking to strangers and being stared at by them. She was used to being left alone, and she was only comfortable being around the people who she was familiar with.

Being in the center of the attention was something that bothered this Valkyrie.

After she saw the mask on Fei’s face, she suddenly realized that it was a good solution.

When the king heard Elena say that she only wanted him to see her face, he felt a sense of achievement, proud, and loved. Numerous positive emotions rushed into Fei’s head, and he held onto Elena’s small cold hands and smiled, “Alright. I will do anything to make you happy,” he said.

It was rare to get items like masks in Diablo World, and most of them were ugly; they didn’t fit with Elena’s image.

Fei had a few masks that were made by Charsi, the busty blacksmith in [Rogue Encampment]; these masks were made from [Black Iron Cores] and [Devil’s Remains] and were quite good. However, they were made for Fei to hide the identities of his other characters in the real world, and they didn’t fit Elena’s face……

“Huh? This?” Fei suddenly found a simple and retro-looking black mask.

It was way too simple; it was made from an unknown black material, its shape was a half-oval, and it only had three holes in it…… Fei suddenly recalled that he got this mysterious mask after he defeated boss Andariel in [Rogue Encampment].

This mask didn’t have a name, and Fei couldn’t see its properties.

It was very different from the items Fei got from other monsters in Diablo World, and he didn’t know what this mask was for. He believed that this mask was the mask Andariel used after her face got destroyed and before she became a demon, but he couldn’t find any evidence to confirm that hypothesis.

“Elena, take a look at this……” Fei somehow took out this hideous mask and gave it to Elena.

A curious expression appeared on Elena’s face. She didn’t mind this black mask that looked quite ugly; anything from Fei was like a precious treasure in her eyes. After she looked at it for a bit, she put it onto her face happily without hesitation.

“Huh? This mask…… it gives me a strange feeling……”

As Elena opened her mouth and wanted to say something, something strange happened.

As soon as that black mask touched Elena’s face, it started to wriggle and move around as if it got a life of its own. That strange black material softened and turned from a dry piece of solid into a dark liquid. It flowed on Elena’s white face and perfectly covered it.

Elena didn’t seem to feel this process.

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