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Hail the King Chapter 406.1

Chapter 406: Sensation of [Dragon Fist] (Part One)

Fei quickly found the cause of his insomnia; when he lied on the bed that wasn’t too hard, he was missing that warm and soft female body.

Fei realized that as soon as he closed his eyes, he would start thinking about his fiancée. He couldn’t help but start worrying, “Angela is with the rest of [Wolf Teeth Legion] …… is she safe right now? Is she missing me as well?”

Fei arrived at Dual-Flags City with the 6,000 soldiers in the herald brigade beforehand, and the rest of [Wolf Teeth Legion] that had 34,000 soldiers in it was being led by people like old Aryang, Lampard, [Magic Princess], and [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]. The rest of [Wolf Teeth Legion] was approaching Dual-Flags City at a steady pace, and they were doing their best to integrate properly.

Angela, Emma, [Fallen Princess] Isabella, and the four maids who were named Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter were all in that group.

Initially, both Elder Princess and Paris recommended Fei to leave Angela and the girls at St. Petersburg. After all, the Royal Guards and the master warriors in the Capital could better protect the civilians, and St. Petersburg should be much safer than the war zones. With the extra protection from the two most influential women in the Capital, Angela and the girls didn’t need to worry about getting bullied. Also, before Fei left the Capital, he talked with the handsome Second Prince, and Dominguez promised Fei that he would take care of the girls for Fei……

However, Fei rejected their help.

For one, Angela didn’t want to separate from Fei. Although she would be cared for in St. Petersburg, the people there weren’t her family members, and she might feel lonely. Second of all, Fei somehow felt like in this chaotic situation, the Capital of Zenit might not be as safe as it seemed.

Fei was planning to go back to Chambord with Angela and the girls once the war in the Jax Battle Zone toned down a bit; he was only comfortable leaving Angela and the girls in Chambord, their home kingdom.

The sky gradually got brighter, and the moonlight and the starlight dimmed.

Since Fei couldn’t go to sleep, he started to practice the methods documented in the Godly Chapter in the purple scroll. Fei’s spiritual power was now level 350, and he had already wiped away the spiritual seal Amauri left on him.

His spiritual power was terrifying, and he had experienced the benefits of having a lot of spiritual power.

It didn’t just increase the control of his physical strength and his understanding of cultivation; Fei felt like this spiritual power was his new eye. He could scan his surroundings, and it was much more effective and much subtler than scanning using Warrior Energy or Magic Power.

Fei discovered that he was the only person who specialized in spiritual power thus far.

Using his level 350 spiritual power, he was able to scan an area of 1,500-meter radius around him, and Costakarta, Huntelaar, and Amauri who were all Moon-Class Elites didn’t escape from his scanning.

Ever since he experienced the benefits of the spiritual power, Fei had been training it regularly.


Three hours later, the sun appeared on the horizon and brought a little liveliness to the world. The temperature also started to rise.

What surprised the commanders in Dual-Flag City was that it seemed like the enemies weren’t going to siege the city. The soldiers of Jax had moved back their campsites for five kilometers and only surrounded the east, west, and south side of the city. They left a small opening in the north direction, and it seemed like they were planning to drag on this war for as long as possible.

The anxiety and the fear that had been looming around the city toned down a little.

However, no one dared to relax completely. As long as the enemies were still close to Dual-Flags City, those fierce battles could arrive at any time, and blood and corpses could cover every corner of the aged defense wall.

For the whole day, Ribry was busy recruiting young men and training them for the militia.

Fei had to admit that this former head commander of the native military forces was well-respected. In just one day, he was able to get more than 8,000 young men to join the militia. After these men got their armors and weapons, they were put into eight battalions and got trained by experienced veterans and injured veterans.

“Sweat a lot during practice, and you can bleed less during battle!”

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  1. BellCross Wolfstein

    He should provide diluted hulk potions to the militia.

    • jin

      No, that is his kingdoms secret, once this leaks, it will be a huge trouble.
      The hulk potion should only be for loyal soldiers, soldiers who passed test and a good morality.

  2. kaneki op

    where is One Sword at ????
    and robinn ??
    maybe he wasn’t mentioned cuz he doesn’t have a high position

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