Chapter 407: Similar to Angela (Part One)

Fei was able to see how mighty the legendary [Dragon Fist] was.

That strike was enough to shock the gods and scare the demons.

At that critical moment when everyone thought Emperor Yassin was the brink of death, he punched out in the Royal Palace that was quite far away from the Martial Saint Mountain, and the golden flames covered the sky and destroyed the three Moon-Class Elites who were on Griffins 5,000 meters up in the air.

That strike was the most powerful strike Fei had ever seen on this continent.

Compared to Emperor Yassin, a lot of Moon-Class Elites were too weak. Comparing them with Emperor Yassin was like comparing fireflies to the sun.

Today, Fei sensed the residual power of that strike again.

However, there were some differences. Compared to the aura of the [Dragon Fist] he experienced in St. Petersburg, this one was much more lively and energetic; it felt like a sun that was on the rise. Although the one he experienced in St. Petersburg was still powerful, it felt like a sun that was setting and aging.

The two different auras seemed to prove people’s hypothesis – Emperor Yassin was really about to pass away.

Fei didn’t know how to feel about that.


When Emperor Yassin used his supreme power and created more than 100 water wells here, he concentrated all the residual energies and made them into Fist Spatial Spiritual Seals; otherwise, this place might a restricted zone. If those residual energies were not controlled, even Moon-Class Elites couldn’t get close to this place, let alone civilians.

After Fei visited this place, he wandered towards other locations.

Although the king of Chambord’s name was already well known in the city, not a lot of people knew what he looked like. As Fei walked around, no one recognized that this young man who was wearing a blue robe was King Alexander who terrified the nobles in the city.

Fei asked for directions and proceeded towards the farmlands at the northeast region of the city.

The defense walls of Dual-Flags City were empowered by many magic arrays when the city was built, and they were strong enough to handle the 10,000-pound rocks that were shot out of catapults. There were also numerous magic arrays on the ground in front of the defense walls that could block the damage of low-level magic spells. With the strong defense walls like these, 70,000 soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians could defend the city and prolong the war for at least three years as long as there were enough water and food.

Therefore, after Fei checked up on the water sources, he had to inspect the farmlands.

Since Dual-Flags City was located in the desert, 90% of the farmlands could be found inside the city; they needed to be irrigated by the water from the water wells. These farmlands inside the city weren’t destroyed in the war yet, and Fei ordered some of the soldiers to strengthen the protection of these farmlands.

The farmlands occupied a massive area in the northeast.

After more than 20 years of cultivation and irrigation, these farmlands were very fertile. Fei was always curious as to how the crops could survive from the vast temperature difference in the region, and he finally understood the mechanisms behind it when he saw the farmlands.

Between the farmlands, there were huge rocks with magic arrays engraved on them.

These all simple three-pointed star magic arrays with 21 magic pathing, and they were modified by someone who had a deep understanding of magic. The only job for these magic arrays was to add some heat to the surroundings when the night arrives so the crops won’t freeze to death.

The desert didn’t lack sunshine, and the crops in Dual-Flags City had higher quality compared with the crops in the mainland.

There was a total of 400 rocks that had these magic arrays on them in these farmlands, and each of them only required one piece of low-tier Magic Gem to last the whole year…… Fei had to admit that some of the products and designs using magic were more effective and more ingenious compared with the technologies in his previous life.

Fei had to thank the officials in Zenit who had paid a lot of attention to these precious farmlands.

It was heard that the Executive Knights would come and visit every year, and that was why Soroyov and the nobles haven’t destroyed most of the farmlands and built amusement parks.

Fei felt great after seeing all the green crops that were thriving.

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