Chapter 408: Unwelcomed Guests (Part One)

“No, they all responded to Mr. Ribry’s call and joined the militia……” Jessica smiled and explained as she dusted some of the flour off her brother’s shoulder. “I heard that Mr. Alexander asked most of the males who are between 18 and 50 of age to get trained so that those hooligans won’t be back soon.”

“Great,” Husky looked at his sister in a spoiling way and replied. After he scratched his head, he added with a proud expression on his face, “Those guys are all bad eggs, especially that monkey-like Knite. How dare he dream of having my sister? Is he delusional?”

The two siblings hadn’t seen each other for over a month, and they had a lot of chat about.

Although Jessica looked and felt very similar to Angela, she was a lot more outgoing. She liked laughing out loud, and her laughter was crisp and ear-pleasing.

However, Husky got so into talking with his sister that he completely forgot about Fei, his guest.

“Huh? Who are you? Emile, is this handsome commander your comrade?” after chatting with her brother for a while, Jessica suddenly saw Fei and realized that a bright young man was standing beside her.

“Ah! Damn it, I forgot to introduce my friend. His name is…… is……” Husky suddenly realized that he still didn’t know Fei’s name, so he walked to Fei and patted Fei’s shoulder as he asked, “Right, brother. What is your name?”

Fei laughed; he thought that Husky was a simple-minded person since he invited a person to his sister’s place without knowing this person’s name. After some hesitation, the king laughed and said, “You can call me Fei.”

“Fei? Such a strange name……” Husky grabbed his sister’s hand and introduced, “Jessica, this is Fei, a new friend that I made yesterday. He is a commander under King Alexander, and he is very nice to me. I ran into him on my way here, and I invited him to come and try your honey bread.”

“Fei? You must be a nice person since you can befriend my dumb brother. Hi, my name is Jessica, Emile’s little sister. My big brother is a clumsy person, so please don’t mind him. Come on in……” this girl was amiable, and she was not shy at all; Fei liked her personality a lot. After he thought about it, it made sense. Since Husky and his sister were born into a poor neighborhood, they matured at an early age. As a result, Jessica didn’t have that arrogance that most of the pretty girls in her age have.

Jessica was a very hard-working girl. After she took out a wooden chair for Fei, she took out a plate of green apples that were a little dry but very clean. After that, she bought two bottles of ale with the money her big brother gave her, and she went into the kitchen and started to make her “renowned” honey bread as Husky asked her again and again.

“Emile, you have a great little sister!” Fei was a little envious towards Husky; this man had a lovely family.

The green apples and the bottles of ales on the table weren’t good food in the eyes of the average families, but Fei knew that these were the best treatment this family could give to its guests. Perhaps that this girl named Jessica treasured these apples a lot and didn’t want to eat them alone; maybe she was saving them and was going to eat them with her brother after he came back. In the cold winter in the desert, fruits were “delicacies” in the eyes of the poor people.

“Hehe, of course! My sister is known as the Pearl in the Northern Malta Poor Neighbourhood, haha,” this simple-minded man was proud of his sister.

“Emile, you will scare our guest away if you boast even more!” Jessica shouted in the kitchen; it seemed like she liked to call Husky by his first name rather than calling him brother.

“Haha! Everyone in the neighborhood knows that my sister Jessica’s honey bread is a delicious treat that even the nobles don’t get to eat,” Husky replied.

Fei was a little speechless. “Maybe in this guy’s simple-mind, anything his sister makes is a delicacy,” he thought.

Fei and Husky chatted a lot in the yard.

Husky wasn’t a person who liked to hold back; he would say whatever was on his mind. Most of the time, Husky was the one talking, and Fei would listen with a smile on his face as he played with the cats in the yard. Although Husky was going all over the place and talked about things like gossips involving nobles and famous stories in Dual-Flags City, Fei enjoyed it.

Fei’s parents in his previous life were farmers, and he had a great childhood in the countryside before his parents passed away. Therefore, his was genuinely in love with this atmosphere including these kinds of bamboo stick fences and all these animals.

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