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Hail the King Chapter 408.2

Chapter 408: Unwelcomed Guests (Part Two)

Time passed by quickly.

The sun was already lower than the defense wall, but the sky wasn’t that dark. The cooking smoke soared into the air via the chimneys, and the noises made by the children, their parents, and the cats and dogs somehow added to the rare and peaceful countryside atmosphere.

“Wow! Smells delicious!” Husky finished the last bit of ale and shouted as he took a deep breath.

A sweet aroma flowed in the air, and Fei felt hungry after he took a deep breath as well. It was evident that the delicacy that the nobles couldn’t even enjoy, Jessica’s honey bread, was about to be done.

Soon, Jessica walked into the yard with a loaf of freshly baked golden honey bread.

As the aroma dispersed into the surroundings, a lot of the neighbors walked out of their houses and looked in this direction.

“Haha! I smell Jessica’s honey bread again!”

“Look, it is Emile! No wonder Jessica made honey bread again. It is the best treat in the world!”

“Hehe, Sister Jessica, you have to teach me how to make it.”

It was clear that this brother and sister had great relationships with the neighbors, and Husky immediately shouted and invited all the neighbors to taste the food. This simple-minded man was hospitable; otherwise, he won’t invite Fei to his sister’s place when he only met Fei once. Soon, the yard was filled with more than a dozen people who were in different age groups.

“Sister Jessica, who is this handsome commander? Is he your fiancé?” a girl who had freckles and was one to two years younger than Jessica joked with her.

“Hey, I will stuff your mouth if you repeat such things,” Jessica pinched the cheeks of this girl and said, “He is Emile’s friend.”

However, Jessica’s explanation wasn’t accepted by the friendly neighbors. Although these neighbors were poor, they could tell that this young man was extraordinary. Even though he was wearing regular clothes, looked different to the nobles, and was smiling brightly, he had a majestic aura around him; those nobles who were corroded by comfort and lust couldn’t be compared with him.

“Jessica is a nice girl; young man, you are lucky if you get to marry her.”

“Yeah, although our Jessica is born in our poor neighborhood, a priest from the Holy Church said that she would become an influential person that the noble ladies couldn’t even reach. Young man, I think you two are compatible!”

A lot of people who were uncles and aunts to Jessica told Fei a lot of Jessica; they all misunderstood the relationship.

“Hey, you don’t say! Fei, I think you are qualified to be my brother-in-law! Haha!” after Husky scratched his head and looked at his sister and Fei, he spoke up as if he discovered something.

Fei only smiled and didn’t say anything.

“Ah, hahaha! So many people here! Huh? Do you guys know that Jessica and I are getting engaged today? And you are all here to see it? I have to thank you guys in advance……” a loud and ear-piercing voice sounded, and it immediately broke the pleasant atmosphere.

Everyone’s face changed color.

Fei looked in the direction of that voice and saw five men walking into the courtyard wearing soldier uniforms.

They all had smiles on their faces; they weren’t uncomfortable even though they weren’t invited.

The man in the lead was skinny, and his back was a little hunched. With a reckless expression on his face, he did look like a monkey. Also, he had a bloody boar leg in his hand.

“Damn it! Monkey Knite! You b-----d! Weren’t you in the militia? Why are you in my place? Get the fu*k out! Otherwise, I won’t be polite towards you anymore!” Husky’s reaction was aggressive. He stood up and shouted at the five guys who ran into the courtyard.

“Hey, Husky! Why are you still aggressive? Today, I’m here to purpose to Jessica. Look at my gift! What do you think?”

Monkey-like Knite lightly pushed Husky, and Husky instantly fell back despite his big size.

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