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Hail the King Chapter 409.1

Chapter 409: Same Kind of Pure Soul (Part One)


Knite threw the boar leg in front of Jessica and said proudly, “I was lucky. Today was the first day of training, and I was appointed as a team commander in the militia. I’m in charge of 100 people, and I think the time for me to marry you is here! Therefore, I advanced half of my monthly salary and bought this Desert Boar’s leg. The poor people in the city couldn’t even see the hair of Desert Boars on a regular day, let alone eating its meat during a war. Haha! Jessica, my dear fiancée. You can prepare the boar leg, and we can invite all the neighbors in the area to come here for a feast and announce our engagement.”

“You think too much,” Jessica threw the boar leg back and sneered, “Go and get engaged to the Desert Boar!”

“Haha, Jessica, you are not fair. Before, you said that I don’t have a proper job and rejected me because of it. Also, since your brother is a soldier, I couldn’t do much. But now, the situation is different. I’m a team commander in the militia constructed by King Alexander, and I’m going to be battling with the invaders of Jax soon. I’m already a changed man! Jessica, why won’t you accept me?”

Monkey-like Knite zapped his mouth and explained. He completely ignored Jessica’s provocation, and he glanced at Jessica’s body.

“Knite, you are too late! Stop bothering Sister Jessica! She already has a fiancé; it is him!” that girl who had freckles on her face pointed at Fei and declared, “Mr. Fei is much more handsome than you!”

Knite looked in the direction that this girl was pointing at, and he saw Fei.

He immediately became hostile towards Fei.

The man in front of him was 100 times more handsome than him, and this man’s presence was also much better. Even Knite had to admit that he would choose this man if he was Jessica.

“Who…… are you?” Knite asked carefully.

“I’m Emile’s friend, and I’m here as a guest,” Fei said as continued to eat a piece of delicious honey bread in his hand; he didn’t raise his head because he didn’t want to be recognized.

“So…… you are a part of the military?” Knite squinted his eyes and tried to get to know Fei more.

“Yeah, you can say that. I don’t have much power in the military.”

After they chatted a bit, Fei relaxed; he found out that this monkey-like Knite didn’t know who he was. He liked talking and listening to these people who were like his uncles and aunts; if his identity got exposed, these people wouldn’t feel at ease in front of him, and this rare atmosphere that he enjoyed would disappear.

Knite nodded and let go of the breath he was holding in.

Then, this new team commander who was feeling good about himself started to boast.

“Eh, I thought so. Look at you; you are so weak that you couldn’t even lift up a blade. Since you can’t kill enemies on the frontline and gain military merits, you could only get a small position in the military with no real influence……” as Knite said that, his expression got happier. In his mind, this man in front of him was no longer a threat. He turned around and said to Jessica, “This guy isn’t that good. Although he looks good, he might be in the business of scamming young girls like you…….”

Jessica spat at him and interrupted his insult of Fei, “Knite, shut up! I won’t allow you to insult my brother’s friend.”


Knite felt like he was belittled after Jessica acted rudely towards him for several times.

After all, he had a few of his subordinates with him today, and he as their commander was being shamed. On top of that, Jessica was protecting Fei, and Knite thought that Fei was luring this girl; as a result, his jealousy burned vigorously inside of him.

He picked up that boar leg and threw it towards Jessica.

“Hehe, what I said won’t change. I’m getting engaged with you today for sure, and no one can stop me. The war already broke out, and the situation in the city is very different. Before, I thought this dumb Emile is a high-level official in the military, but now I know that he is almost like a groom and a servant. I’m not afraid of him anymore!  Don’t you value your big brother? If you don’t accept me today, I will move Emile onto the defense wall tomorrow. If the invaders decide to attack, I’m not sure if Emile can make it back alive,” Knite said in anger.

Knite was bullsh*ting.

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  1. Ryuunokebab

    Man, that girl with the freckles kinda p*ssed me off, pointing at mc and lying, I know they’re in a bad situation, but she doesn’t even know him and is already dragging him in their problem.. She’s both rude and I really wonder how she still has her head on, after all, not everyone is nice as Fei is.. typical ignorant youth, the only positive thing is that she had no malicious intent in her action lol

    • Eon

      Yeah but the thing is that she genuinely believed that Feu was her fiancee since he didn’t straight up say “no” or clarify that they weren’t in that type of relationship…so in her mind, this was the best course of action to get that Knite dude to fck off since she thinks that Jessica already had someone. Obviously, this approach did work to a degree and the fact that Fei still isn’t denying anything will probably make things problematic…

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