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Hail the King Chapter 409.2

Chapter 409: Same Kind of Pure Soul (Part Two)

He was only a team commander in the militia; how could he command Husky who was a formal soldier in Dual-Flags City? Even though Husky had a low-level position and was like a groom and a servant to other high-level commanders, he was still a part of the native defense force. Even a brigade commander of the militia who had control over 10,000 militia members couldn’t command Husky, let alone a little team commander like Knite.

However, the other people didn’t know about this; their faces all changed color after hearing that.

The neighbors all started to worry. They all watched Husky grow up, and they knew that he was too simple-minded and a little slow. Even though he had a lot of physical strength, he never learned any fighting techniques; if Husky went on the defense wall, he would probably die under the blade of the invaders.

Jessica’s body froze after she heard that.

“Even if I die on the defense wall, I won’t allow my sister to marry you! You are just a hooligan! How are you worthy enough for my sister? Even the priest from the Holy Church said that she would become an influential figure one day……” Husky shouted as he protected his sister with his back; he was too slow to figure out the errors in what Knite had said. This simple-minded man cared about his sister a lot, and he believed in what that priest from the Holy Church had said many years ago; he wasn’t going to let his goddess-like sister marry a hooligan like Knite.

“Haha? You believe the words of that old beggar? A beggar and an idiot! Hahaha!” Knite laughed out loud with his subordinates behind him as if they heard the funniest joke.

On this continent that was ruled by the law of the jungle, the good looks of a girl would only bring her tragedy if she wasn’t powerful enough. If Husky didn’t serve under Ribry who was an overprotective general and if Jessica was a few years older and her body fully matured, she would have been kidnapped by the nobles and got ruined by them.

Becoming an influential figure? That possibility seemed slim.

However, Fei suddenly realized something.

“A poor priest of the Holy Church said that Jessica is going to become an influential figure? Normally, even the lowest priests in the Holy Church won’t be broke enough to beg for food on the street, unless he was a scammer…… Or there is something else? Could it be that there is a secret around Jessica?”

Fei suddenly thought about how Jessica felt similar to Angela, and Priest Balesi said that Angela had the purest soul in the world and almost forced her to join the Shrine Choir.

“Could it be that…… Jessica’s soul is as pure as Angela’s? And a mysterious priest came to this city many years ago to check up on her?”

Fei felt like that possibility was high; after all, Jessica and Angela were way too similar.

“Emile, you are such an idiot! Your identity as a low-level commander in the military is worthless in my eyes! You can no longer protect your sister! Look at her hands! They are rough and thick like carrots! In a few more years, she would look like prostitutes who have thick waists and a full face of freckles. Hehe, if you die on the defense wall, who is going to take care of her?”

Knite laughed as he mocked Husky.

“I, Knite, is now a team commander in the militia under King Alexander His Majesty! If I get enough military merits, I will be rewarded by King Alexander and might even become a noble. Jessica, you are only a girl living in a poor neighborhood; if you marry me, you might become a noble lady one day! Also, Husky, I might also promote you, so you no longer need to work as a groom!”

The more Knite talked, the prouder he was.

“Girl, don’t reject our commander! Otherwise, your brother will die on the defense wall!”

“Yeah! If you let this opportunity go, you might have to open your legs for our commander when you run out of food, and he might not even look at you! Right now, even the women in the rich neighborhoods want to get themselves a commander in the military.”

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