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Hail the King Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Surprising New Finds

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After switching to his Barbarian, all Fei could feel was his brutal physical strength.

It made him felt like he could collapse the firm defensive wall with a single stomp.

“My strength increased so much after I leveled up the Barbarian to level 12……” Fei felt like he was the ocean and could tear up anything in his way. “This is it……This is exactly how I feel as a Barbarian the Diablo World.

This never-ending strength made him feel like Hercules. He glanced down subconsciously. His expression was strange. He gasped as his eyes opened wide, as if he saw an undead creature walking around in the real world.

He found something unimaginable.

Not sure when, but the heavy knight armour he was wearing in the real world was gone, it was replaced with a exquisite looking armour. The style of the armour was exotic, it was made with an unknown material. There were a lot of mysterious symbols all over the armour and it they all shined a green light; there was a strong magic energy in it.

Except the armour, he was also wearing a pair of leather boots, helmet, gloves, belt……

Fei recognized them all.

“These……these are the items of the my Barbarian character…….How……How did I bring them into this world? What’s going on? Oh my god……I don’t remember converting these items from that voice……”
The unexpected discovery made Fei’s heart race.

“How…….How did this happen?”

Fei’s mind was blank; there was no explanation for this. From his previous experience, if he wanted to bring anything, even a pile of monster crap to the real world, he had to get it converted by that mysterious voice. He had to pay the fee and bear the risk of not succeeding. What confused Fei was that he didn’t ask to convert the items, but was able to bring them to the real world.

“What’s going on?”

“Hint: After the player’s character exceeds level 10, the player can use the character’s items in other worlds other than the Diablo World….. Hint: The items can only be used by the player. They can’t be traded, lost, or repaired by blacksmiths in other worlds……Hint: The durability of items will decrease naturally. They can only be repaired in the Diablo World……Hint……Hint……”

As if that voice had heard all of Fei’s questions, many ‘hints’ had given Fei a detailed explanation.

“So……It’s……that’s how it is.”

Fei tapped his forehead, his mind was clear.

“So that’s the benefit of exceeding level 10……Will there be more benefits after I exceed level 20, 30 or even 90?” Fei tried to ask that voice greedily.

Unfortunately, there was no response.

“Ok……Don’t tell me it you don’t want to! ……Ah, if I can bring items to the real world, then weapons should be included too. Why don’t I have my double handed axe?

As soon as that thought came to his head, something magical happened –

A white light flashed and he felt something heavy in his hand. The huge and dangerous double handed axe that Barbarian Fei had appeared in his hands.

Fei swung the axe subconsciously.

The axe’s handle was cold, and so was the light that the axe blade reflected.

A familiar sensation filled Fei’s mind. He felt like the axe was an extension of his body and he had complete control of it; he felt invincible.

Fei didn’t get addicted to that feeling. He forced himself to calm and evaluate his situation.

“If my main weapon was brought out of the Diablo World, then I can probably use 【Azure Spiked Shield】 and 【Storm Sabre】 too.

A yellow light flashed in front of him as he thought about that; the axe disappeared, and a gold engraved sword and a dark red shield took its place.

“Wahahahahaha……Just like I thought!”

Fei found it super easy to switch his weapons. As long as he thought about it, the weapons would switch. There was no cooldown on that.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh – !”

As Fei’s thoughts quickly changed, the double handed axe and the sword and shield kept on switching in his hands. This speed and method of switching weapons in a fight would definitely be a trump card. The best would be for him to use it as a sneak attack. This fit Fei’s personality perfectly.

Fei played around with this new skill, and he suddenly thought about a big problem.

“Although it’s great to bring the powerful and magical items into the real world, I won’t wear these all the time……I’m a king, I’m not going to battle every single day. If I go to noble parties, go to the washroom and go to bed like this, I will probably be called a pervert……”

“I wonder if I would hide these items……”

When Fei was thinking, changes occurred again –

The barbarian items he was wearing disappeared as he wished. A soft white knight armour appeared on his body; it was the clothes he was wearing inside the heavy metal armour. However, he didn’t know where the heavy metal armour went. He glanced around and found it at a corner. He didn’t know how or when that armour was taken off his body.

“Damn, I can get anything I want?”

A big smile came on Fei’s face.

“So the weapons and armour of the Barbarian can appear and disappear as I wish. This is so convenient… It’s not going to affect my normal life at all. This is too sick!”

Fei’s heart started to race again. Adrenaline coursed through his blood.

He licked his lips. As a man that likely maximizing his benefit all the time, he thought of another question –

“If these magical items are brought to the real world, I can probably use their special properties too, right?”

Fei was so excited that he almost had a boner. He decided to do a little experiment to test the storage effect of his belt.

In the Diablo World, belts granted characters more storage space on top of the 【Item Slot】, and it was more convenient to use than the 【Item Slot】. The better quality the belt, the more storage space it had. The belt that Fei had only had 8 storage space.

He looked down at the belt, then looked at a fist sized rock on the corner. He called on the rock in his mind, trying to put it into the storage space in the belt.

Almost at the same exact moment as Fei thought about it in his mind, the rock disappeared.

“Damn! Did it work?”

Fei’s heart skipped a beat after he saw the rock disappear. Fei felt his heart wouldn’t be able to handle the series of surprises. His greedy hypotheses was confirmed without any doubt.

The special properties of the items in Diable were brought into the real world.

Fei thought about the storage space in the belt and the 8 units of storage space appeared in front of his eyes, as if he was using a pair of Google Glasses. The rock was sitting in one of the storage spaces. Except for the rock, the 2 bottles of 【Normal Healing Potions】 and 1 bottle of 【Stamina Potion】 that costed Fei 29,000 gold coins to convert was inside the belt as well.

Fei quickly pressed his hands on his heart. “It has to stop beating so fast and irregularly, or I’m seriously going to f-----g die!”


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