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Hail the King Chapter 410.1

Chapter 410: I Hope You Guys Are Still Alive (Part One)

“Team commander, why are you so polite towards her? If you want, we can kidnap her and throw her into your room. As long as you two sleep together for a night, she would be yours, haha!”

The few members of the militia behind Knite suggest as they tried to threaten Jessica even more; as they said that, they grinned at Jessica viciously.

For a moment, the casual and relaxed atmosphere instantly got covered by dark clouds. Although the neighbors hated Knite, they couldn’t express their anger as this man was now a commander in the military.

Husky was furious after he was shouted at, but he didn’t know how to respond to that. His head was a little slow, and perhaps he was thinking about who was going to protect his sister after he dies on the defense wall.

Fei’s sharp sense told him that the simple-minded man was looking at him.

At the moment, Jessica got her weakness pointed out by Knite; this girl was afraid that her big brother would die because of her.

After seeing the expression on everyone’s face, Knite laughed and walked forward; he was reaching for Jessica’s hand.

Suddenly –

“Hey, you have laughed for too long. Catch your breath; otherwise, you might choke.”

After Fei finished the last piece of the honey bread, he wiped his lips, stood up, and slapped away Knite’s hand.

Then, he looked at Knite and said earnestly, “Ok, let me interrupt a little. I might be wrong, but Mr. Knite, aren’t you a team commander in the militia? I believe Emile is a formal soldier of Zenit, so your status is technically lower than him. How can you command him and move him onto the defense wall?”

The smile froze on Knite’s face; he didn’t know how to respond.

Jessica was the person who reacted the fastest.

Her beautiful big eyes lit up, and she asked as she grabbed onto Fei’s arm, “Is it true?” her voice was shaking.

“Of course. The militia is only temporary, and some of the members of the militia are given titles to make it easier to organize. Although they could also accumulate military merits, they couldn’t get promoted to nobles. Besides, the militia might get disbanded after the war; it is all up to the Military Headquarter of Zenit.”

Fei pointed at Knite and continued, “These guys are just trying to make themselves look more powerful! They are like dragons that are made from paper; nothing to be scared of!”

“Ah! Great!” Jessica was so relieved that she jumped into the air.

To this girl, the last few minutes was the darkest moment in her life, and Fei’s words brought energy and hope back into her life.

30 seconds ago, she was thinking about accepting Knite’s proposal, so her brother didn’t have to be in great danger; she was planning to use herself to save her brother. Although her big brother was a little simple-minded, he was her only family. She couldn’t even imagine how desperate it would feel if she sees her brother’s broke corpse on the defense wall.

What Fei said pretty much saved her life.

However, Fei’s appearance destroyed Knite’s plan.

Knite walked up and grabbed onto Fei’s finger that was pointing at him.

He shouted angrily, “Hey, you weak man! How dare you point at me and disrespect me? Do you want to die? I will break this finger of yours to teach you a lesson!”

“No!” all the people in the yard screamed in fear.

However, Knite wasn’t going to listen to them.

As he sneered, he used all of his strength and tried to break that finger; he was going to make this handsome man pay for destroying his plan.

Soon, the vicious grin froze on his face.

He felt like he wasn’t trying to break a finger but an iron spear.

It didn’t matter how hard he tried; he couldn’t even move this man’s hand a little, let alone breaking his finger.

After a while, Knite suddenly felt a tremendous amount of force coming at him from this finger; as if a mountain was thrown onto his shoulders, his knees instantly bend, and he couldn’t help but kneel onto the ground.

“Huh? Why are you kneeling down? Are you trying to apologize?”

Fei laughed and moved aside. In the eyes of others, Knite suddenly kneeled down towards Fei as if he was apologizing.

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