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Hail the King Chapter 410.2

Chapter 410: I Hope You Guys Are Still Alive (Part Two)


Knite used all of his strength and tried to stand up; his face turned red, and his veins bulged. However, didn’t matter how hard he worked, he couldn’t even move for one millimeter; that force was just too dominating.

Soon, his knees sunk into the ground. It was fortunate that there weren’t tiles on the ground; otherwise, his knees would have been destroyed.

The four people behind Knite realized that something was wrong; they rushed over and tried to help.

Fei just looked at them and released the power of his Barbarian Character a little. Without pause, all those four men also kneeled down and couldn’t move anymore.

Knite suddenly realized what was happening after he looked at Fei who was still smiling calmly.

He knew that he ran into a master warrior.

“This man’s power is just unimaginable! He must be a Star-level Warrior!”

Knite sighed in his mind and thought, “Damn! This beautiful Jessica got to know a Star-level Warrior and got engaged to him? It looks like I can’t have this beautiful girl to myself.”

Although he felt regretful, he had been living on the street for a long time and knew what he should do and what he shouldn’t do. Therefore, he immediately apologized to Jessica and begged for forgiveness.

Jessica didn’t know what was happening, and she didn’t know how to respond.

“Alright, Jessica forgives you. Stand up.”

Fei smiled and waved his hand, and the huge pressure on these five men disappeared. Knite and his four subordinates could finally breathe freely, and they quickly got up; there were ten deep circular kneeling marks on the ground.

“Thank…… thank you! Thank you for your mercy!” Knite quickly thanked Fei.

He understood the situation now.

“Since this man is in the military, he must be a high-level commander with this level of strength. If this is the case, I should try to get to know him. In many stories told by the traveling poets, from an exchange of blows friendship grows! This is the perfect opportunity!” he thought.

“Let me give you some recommendations. If you really like Jessica, you should pursue her like a real man and protect her like a real man. Threatening others like bandits won’t work……” Fei was planning to teach Knite some proper concepts around love, but he felt like he was talking to a cow.

After he said a few words, he waved his hand impatiently and said, “Overall, don’t come and bother Jessica again! Also, I will let you guys in on a secret; Emile is going to become King Alexander His Majesty’s guard! Don’t bully him anymore! Otherwise, the consequences will be severe!”

“Ah? Emile this idiot is going to become the guard of the No.1 Commander of the Battle Zone?”

Knite couldn’t believe his ears.

“It is obvious that this powerful man won’t lie to me. So…… if this idiot wants to, he could go anywhere in Dual-Flags City without being troubled? Also, it looks like this mysterious man likes Jessica…… This family is going to take off!”

After thinking about that, Knite looked at Husky differently.

He knew that he probably couldn’t get close to this mysterious man, but he was able to flatter Husky and befriend him.

“If I get the chance to meet the legendary King Alexander of Chambord through Husky, I would be able to die happy on the defense wall!” he thought.

“Ok, that’s all for today. You guys can leave now.”

Fei waved his hand and asked them to leave.

Knite wanted to stay a little longer, but he had to leave quietly since Fei said so.

“Huh? Wait up!” Fei thought of something and shouted.

Whoosh! A dash of gold light shot into Knite’s hand.

As Knite was wondering about what happened, he saw that mysterious man pointing at the boar leg on the ground and heard him say, “You can leave the meat here; I will treat it as if I bought it from you. Since you actively joined the militia, your courage should be praised. Half a month of salary shouldn’t be thrown away like this. The situation in Dual-Flags City isn’t that great, so the militia might have to help with the defense of the city soon. Make sure that you guys eat full meals and accumulate enough stamina; try your best to survive this war!”

Knite and his subordinates were stunned a little.

They looked at Fei and saluted. Perhaps they just learned it, their salute wasn’t that proper. Even though that was the case, their spirits were there.

After that, they turned around and left with the gold coin.

Fei looked at the five of them and sighed in his mind, “I hope you guys are still alive after the war.”

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  1. Walensium

    Thanks for the end of the month releases!

  2. Sigh

    This was rather infuriating. An entire chapter just to put one side character in his place? Even more so, Fei just let him off? Dude is a rapist, I’d have at the very least castrated him so he doesn’t plan on doing something similar.

  3. earthshaker34

    it’s good to see that Fei cares about them and returned them to the right path, instead of beheading them, unlike other main characters

    • apasserby

      I would be fine with him beheading them as well. They used the threat of effectively killing her brother to force a girl to marry their boss. That’s human garbage behavior. The only thing that stopped them was force, and they didn’t miraculous stop being human garbage. But they will serve as fodder, so it makes sense that Alexander didn’t punish them more heavily. I don’t think he should kill them, but during peaceful times, he should definitely have punished them more heavily to make them mend their ways.

      • xiaozai

        I agree with you. Even though he tried to misuse his position and mislead and threaten others, he joined the army when nobles and many others didn’t, knowing clearly he will most likely die as their group is motley crew . There are hundreds of thousands of citizens but he is one of the few who joined at dire straits. For his courage, MC pardoned him and also for strengthening defenses.

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