Chapter 411: Mystic Ocean (Part One)

This time, Fei didn’t kill Knite and the four men; he treated them differently compared with the corrupt nobles.

The lives inside this desert city were already fragile. Like winter wheat in a storm, they could be blown away effortlessly. Although Knite wasn’t a great person, he wasn’t guilty enough to be killed. At least this hooligan advanced half of his monthly salary and purchased a boar leg; he was putting some effort into the love he had for Jessica.

Also, Knite didn’t try to harm any of the neighbors; he only exaggerated his power and used the name of King Alexander to threaten them.

Of course, if Fei knew that he was thought of as a pretty boy and a gigolo, he would have treated those five men a little differently.

After those five men disappeared, Jessica, Emile, and the neighbors still couldn’t believe what had happened.

“Those hooligans are gone?”

This outcome was better than the happy ending they could wish for; they felt like they were dreaming.

“From what they said, it seems like Knite won’t be bothering Jessica anymore in the future, and even Emile is about to get promoted,” all the neighbors thought as they looked at Fei with curiosity and respect.

“Haha, don’t look at me like that! I just fooled them! I know a little bit more than you guys, and that was how I saw through Knite’s trick.”

Fei laughed and explained as he made a few exaggerated poses.

Most of the people in the neighborhood were poor and didn’t much knowledge, and Husky who had some understanding of what was going on accepted Fei’s explanation. Only Jessica who had a pair of beautiful eyes was curious, but she held back her curiosity as she smiled and thanked Fei.

At this moment, Fei realized that this girl’s hands were rough; the skin of her hands was like the skin of a carrot. Different from the white and the smooth skin of her face, there were a lot of rough calluses on her hands; they were even rougher than the hands of some of the women in their 40s.

Jessica saw Fei looking at her hands, and a dejected expression appeared on her face. She put her hands behind her back in a hurry, and she turned around and talked to the neighbors with a smile on her face.

Fei felt a heartache after seeing this subtle movement.

From what Knite had said, Fei knew that this girl had been doing a lot of hard labor work, and that was how her hands that should be smooth and soft turned rough and wrinkly. This girl must have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations, but she was still able to keep up her optimism; Fei’s impression of her got even better.

Laughter reappeared in the yard.

After Fei bought that boar leg from Knite, he asked Jessica and a few aunties in the neighborhood to cook it. The delicious smell of grilled meat dispersed in the yard; the people in this poor neighborhood rarely got to see meat, let alone eating it. Today, they got to eat a lot of meat, and they felt like they were living in the dreams……

A ton of cooking smokes was slowly rising into the sky, and red clouds could be seen from afar.

Fei felt like he was back on Earth, back to his childhood home.

At this moment, Fei realized how lonely he was since he came to the Azeroth Continent. Although he was the king of a kingdom, he didn’t have parents and siblings in this world. Although he was the king of a kingdom, he had never integrated himself into other people’s personal lives like today.

Time flies when you are having fun!

Soon, the night arrived, and people started fires in the yard. The smile on Fei’s handsome face was lit up by the light of the flames, and it attracted a lot of attention of the young girls……

Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded, and the ground shook violently.

“What is going on?”

“What happened?”

“God! This direction…… the water wells’ direction? Are the water wells alright?”

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