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Hail the King Chapter 411.2

Chapter 411: Mystic Ocean (Part Two)

The people in the yard were shocked; they got really anxious. If something happened to the water wells, it would be terrible. It was hard to find water in the desert, and it would be hard to dig through the ground to find the groundwater if those water wells collapsed. Without water, the people in Dual-Flags City would die in about ten days.

“Guys, I have something going on, and I’m going to leave now,” Fei said farewells to the people in the yard and walked out. Although it looked slow, he disappeared in just a few seconds; he was really anxious as well.

Among the people in the yard, only Jessica looked in the direction where Fei went.

Only she knew that her simple-minded brother had a unique ability. Although he was straightforward, he had a strong instinct like the Demon Beasts.

He was more likely to get close to people who had good intentions and powerful. Also, his instinct would immediately tell him who had bad intentions, and he would directly express his dislike of those people.

That was a secret that Jessica figured out after years of observations.

“Emile had never been so friendly and intimate towards any strangers who he only met a few times…… but now…… it feels like Emile is treating him like a family member! Who is this man? Although he isn’t that handsome, he makes others feel very comfortable……” Jessica thought to herself.



“What is going on?”

After Fei left that yard, he switched to Assassin Mode and instantly used all of his power. Like a dash of shadow, he sprinted through streets and alleyways and arrived at the water wells in the shortest amount of time.

Although soldiers were protecting this area, they were in a state of chaos.

The water wells that were calm and peaceful during the day were making a lot of rumbling noises. Like fountains, a lot of water was being jetted into the sky for more than 20 meters tall.

“Pause! Who are you?” a commander shouted as he spotted Fei.

Fei flashed the No.1 Commander’s Token, and that commander immediately knew who Fei was.

“King Alexander!” he said as he was about to single-kneel down.

Fei raised his hand, and an invisible power stopped that commander from kneeling down and following the complicated greeting process.

“Tell me what happened!” Fei quickly asked.

Fei had to be anxious! These water wells were the lifelines of the city! If something wrong happened here, he would be in big trouble!

“We don’t know yet! This had never happened before! Half a minute ago, strange noises sounded in all the water wells, and water started to jet out……” the water was falling from the sky after it was jetted into the air, and that commander quickly reported to Fei as he got soaked.

“Pass my order! Move all the people to the outside of the zone! No one is allowed to enter or leave! Anyone who disobeys this order shall be executed!”

Fei commanded.

Soon, a lot of soldiers appeared and blocked off the paths leading to where the water wells were at; they were tightly questioning and inspecting all the civilians. Also, the soldiers who were guarding the water wells moved to the entryways of the zone.

Fei switched to Barbarian Mode and spread out his spiritual power, and his spiritual power went down into the groundwater through the water wells.

He wanted to know if something strange happened in the groundwater.

After all, what was happening was too strange; it felt like there was a monster in the groundwater making a mess.

As Fei’s spiritual power got deeper and deeper into the groundwater, he had a better understanding of the underground structure.

The water wells were all about 400 meters deep, and the walls on the inside of the water wells were made from a sand mixture. After more than 20 years of being pressured by the water, the walls were all solid. When the water jetted out of the water wells at a fast pace, they were still crystal clear and not muddy at all.

Fei’s spiritual power continued to dive deeper into the water well; the water well was like a long tunnel that led to nowhere.

Deeper…… Deeper……

Suddenly, the walls disappeared, and Fei’s spiritual power arrived at somewhere broad.

The spiritual power didn’t have things blocking its way anymore.

Fei suddenly realized that the groundwater connected to the water wells was vast! In fact, it shouldn’t be called groundwater but rather underground ocean! Even though Fei’s spiritual power was massive, he still couldn’t tell how big this ocean was.

It was unimaginable!

It was a miracle!

After some more scanning, Fei realized that there was a force coming from the bottom of the ocean, and that created a ton of undercurrents; these undercurrents moved the water around rapidly, and the water that hit the walls of the water wells were jetted upward.

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    they are all gonna drown

  2. it is due to what he doing at the time they look at him, when wearing ordinary clothes, acting normally and hiding his power he looks more average, but when he uses paladin aura or is in OP armour he looks cooler and people perception of him changes

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