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Hail the King Chapter 412.1

Chapter 412: The Secret of the Underground Ocean (Part One)

Unfortunately, Fei’s spiritual power could only scan an area of 1,500-meter radius around him. It seemed like the ocean was still a lot deeper, and something at the bottom was stirring up this underground ocean that was calm for more than 20 years.

Fei was unprecedentedly shocked; he could never have imagined that the groundwater under Dual-Flags City was like an ocean.

“How can there be an ocean like this under the desert? Did Emperor Yassin know about this ocean when he built Dual-Flags City 26 years ago?”

Fei had a ton of questions on his mind, and they buzzed and flew around in his mind like flies.



“What is going on?” Prince Fairenton’s shout sounded inside the campsite of Jax.

Loud rumbling noises sounded from the five water wells the soldiers of Jax created, and water jetted out of them and wetted the entire campsite; there was so much water that the dry sand couldn’t absorb it in time, and small ponds formed on the ground.

What happened in Dual-Flags City happened here as well.

If the scouts of Jax paid a bit more attention, they would realize that water was jetting out of the six water wells in the previous campsites that they ditched a day ago.

Unfortunately, Prince Fairenton didn’t have a spiritual power that was on Fei’s level, and he didn’t discover what was going on.

As a result, the soldiers of Jax had to back out of their campsite and wait for the water to calm down.

“Your Highness, maybe a creature is causing trouble in the groundwater,” that mid-aged man who looked like a noble of Zenit suggested, “Maybe a water-elemental Demon Beast is under there. Maybe we should send a few powerful warriors into the water and see what is going on.”

“Water elemental Demon Beast?” Fairenton shook his head and said earnestly, “It is rare that a water-elemental Demon Beast would live in the groundwater that is 400 meters down in the ground. Even if there is one, it must be a king-level Demon Beast. It is too dangerous to send someone down there!”

“But Your Highness! Nothing like this had ever happened in this region! It isn’t a good sign! I think we need to figure out what is going on,” surprisingly, that mid-aged man wasn’t too afraid and persisted on his recommendation.

What was also surprising was that Fairenton valued this man’s opinion. After some thinking, he listened and followed that recommendation.

The prince turned around and called over a tall and robust man.

Most of the people of Jax weren’t that tall; they were usually shorter, and their bones were generally thicker. However, this man here was almost two meters tall! That was rare!

Although it was cold in the night and spit would be frozen into ice pieces in just a few seconds, this man wasn’t wearing anything to protect his upper-body. His defined muscles that had a dark tone looked like an iron armor, and the hideous scars on his body added to his vicious presence.

“Inle, you are the best swimmer we have. Do you have the courage to investigate the groundwater?” Fairenton asked with a smile on his face as he patted the shoulder of this man who was almost 30 centimeters taller than him.

“I’m not scared of anything, and I’m willing to do anything for Your Highness,” that man patted his chest and roared.

“Great! Put on this rope. Remember! Come back up if anything goes wrong! Don’t force yourself!”

“As you wish, Your Highness!”




“Your Majesty! We are here, what is going on?”

Shevchenko, Ribry, and Cech all quickly arrived at the east of the city where the water wells were located. Like Fei, they all understood the importance of these water wells, and they were anxious as well.

“Not sure yet, but I discovered something interesting,” Fei gradually opened his eyes and shook his head as he said, “Ribry, you have been here for many years. Do you know if anything strange happened when Dual-Flags City was being constructed?”

“I was born and raised in this city. When I was born, the city was already constructed. From the stories my parents told me, I don’t think anything strange happened. Why do you say that, sir?” Ribry answered to the best of his ability

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  1. BellCross Wolfstein

    Hold the fck up. Ribry was born and raised in the city? How old is the dual flag city exactly?

    • Rubik

      If emperor yassin is around 60-80 and ribry is around 40
      maybe it was constructed 50-60 years ago?

      • Leylin Farlier

        But it was said to have been only onquered 27 years ago?

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