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Hail the King Chapter 412.2

Chapter 412: The Secret of the Underground Ocean (Part Two)

“Huh, nothing?” Fei’s intuition told him that he discovered something others didn’t know. Since there were a lot of people here and he didn’t want everyone to know, he didn’t tell these subordinates of his about his discovery right away.

“Are all the documentation and the records of the construction kept somewhere?” Fei asked.

“All of them are stored in the Mayor’s Mansion. If you want, you can read them at any time.”

“Eh, great. Temporarily lock down this zone and send people to put up posters in the city to make sure the civilians know that the water source is fine. You guys guard this zone; I’m going to go down the water well to check up on what is going.”

Shevchenko, Cech, and Ribry were all shocked; they all tried to stop Fei.

“Sir, we don’t know what is going on down there, and it might be hazardous. You need to look after the hundreds of thousands of people in the city, and you shouldn’t place yourself in such a dangerous situation,” they said.

After they said that, they fought amongst themselves; they all tried to be the person who would take Fei’s place and explore the groundwater.

Fei was a little moved by this.

It could be explained easily if Pierce, Drogba, and Cech were doing this; Fei was their king, and it would make sense for them to be worried. However, Shevchenko and Ribry only got to know him for a few days, but they were also very worried about his safety; it didn’t look like they were pretending to care.

With these leaders around him, Fei was more confident in fending off the enemies.

“Don’t fight! Since I want to go down there, I know what I am capable of, and I won’t place myself in danger. You guys pay attention and guard this place. Also, make sure that the soldiers on the defense wall are aware; don’t let the invaders capitalize on this opportunity.”

The subordinates of Fei were still shocked, but they were too late to stop Fei. Before they could react, Fei already got into the water.



The water in the wells was cold.

As soon as Fei entered the water, he lightly released some of the power of his Barbarian Character, and a sphere that was three meters in diameter appeared. This sphere was filled with air and blocked out the cold water, and Fei himself stood inside this sphere to avoid getting wet.

As he controlled his power and allowed himself to sink deeper into the water slowly, he used his spiritual power to scan the area around him; that would allow him to react fast once something was wrong.

Fei sensed the undercurrents in the water and understood how water was still getting shot into the sky.

After about ten minutes, Fei finally got through the water well and entered the vast underground ocean.

It was extremely dark in there; it felt like the water was black ink.

With the ability of the level 90 Barbarian, Fei could only see about 10 meters away. The darkness around him swallowed all the light, and the undercurrents around him made loud noises like thunders.

However, Fei’s spiritual power acted as his eyes, and he was able to “see” 1,500 meters around him.

Despite his spiritual power, that “vision” was still tiny compared with the size of the underground ocean.

Except for the ceiling above him, all that Fei could sense was the cold water around him. He didn’t detect any lifeforms, and he felt like this cold, desolate, vast, and unknown underground ocean was the

kingdom of the Grim Reaper.

“Maybe the water temperature is too low for any creature to survive.”

Fei thought about it and didn’t move around. After he memorized where the bottom entrance of that water well was, he continued to sink down.

“Doesn’t matter how big this ocean is, there must be a bottom,” he thought.

After another ten minutes of sinking and balancing his body around the undercurrents, Fei felt like he was 300 meters deeper, and he was sensing a lot more pressure.

At this point, he had to completely unleash the power of his level 90 Barbarian to maintain and keep up that sphere around him.

After another 100 meters, the pressure got stronger.

In the end, Fei had to summon all of his items from Diablo World, borrow the strength and the power from those items, and use everything he had to fight against enormous water pressure.

Now, Fei was about 1,500 meters deep in this ocean.

“I can’t keep going anymore. The water pressure is too high; I might be in danger……” Fei shook his head and thought, “This ocean is just way to big! It is strange that I couldn’t sense any lifeforms. Nature is just full of miracles!”

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  1. Lucio Ordo

    bruh, while reading this, i am imagining what hes seeing its making me uncomfortable and anxious lol

    • WirlWind

      I once did spearfishing on the edge of an ocean cliff, was terrifying. I could only see about 5m clearly to either side and everything below was a pitch black abyss. Was even freakier because at one point i saw a massive silhouette of a shark in the distance, which could have been a great white given the size and shape.

      I’ve never swam so fast and nearly dashed both of my legs to shreds climbing back onto the rocks of the headland.

  2. Walensium

    Feel like there is going to be some massive water creature like a Leviathan or something. This chapter gives me the chills. Thanks for the chapter!

    • OG

      He has metaphorically travelled into the universe. (Ok i also watched the new power rangers movie last night)


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    Then an Emperor Mudcrap came out

  4. earthshaker34

    maybe just maybe druid form would help in that situation??

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