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Hail the King Chapter 413.1

Chapter 413: Path of an Emperor (Part One)

Fei was inside the massive and mysterious underground ocean.

He closed eyes and fully expanded his spiritual power. Like invisible tentacles, the spiritual power reached out in all directions, but it wasn’t able to detect anything.

After doing some calculations, Fei knew that he could only last about 20 minutes in here.

“I have to leave.”

Even though he was at the peak of Nine-Star, he would be in trouble if he ran out of oxygen for an hour. Although he was very curious, he didn’t want to risk his life; he clearly remembered the idiom – Curiosity killed the cat.

After he sighed in disappointment, he controlled the sphere he was in and followed the current of the water to move back up.

At this moment, something changed. The underground ocean that was berserk gradually calmed down and the invisible force that was stirring up this ocean suddenly disappeared.

This change shocked Fei, and he subconsciously “looked down” with his spiritual power.

Instantly, his eyes almost popped out of his head.

He suddenly discovered that many mermaid-like creatures were swimming around 1,500 meters below. These creatures were swimming at a fast pace; they would disappear in just a few seconds.

Under these creatures, Fei “saw” a magnificent landscape, and there seemed to a pattern to it.

“Wait…… palaces at the bottom of the ocean!? WTF?”

Fei was so shocked that he swore habitually.

He changed his mind and tried to dive deeper to have a better look.

However, his spiritual power was being unleashed at full capacity, and it was depleting since the king had used it for a long time. Fei felt like the area he was able to scan was shrinking, and the water pressure was increasing. As light crackling noises sounded inside the sphere, Fei could no longer sense those creatures and the palaces at the bottom of the ocean.

After some thinking, Fei decided to give up for now; he won’t be able to dive down for another 1,500 meters with his current strength. If he forced himself to go down that deep, his body might be crashed into meat paste. If he wanted to figure out what was at the bottom of the ocean, he had to increase his spiritual power. If he wanted to get to the bottom of the ocean and explore the secrets in this ocean, he would have to become a Moon-Class Elite first.

Fei quickly followed the current and went back up to the top.


Prince Fairenton and his subordinates were waiting anxiously by a water well that was about three meters in diameter.

Inle jumped into this water well 20 minutes ago with a rope around his waist; he was in charge of figuring out what was going on.

“Are the people of Zenit playing a trick? Didn’t something change in the groundwater? Or is there a Demon Beast in the groundwater?” Fairenton thought.

20 minutes had passed, and the water stopped jetting up into the sky.

However, Inle still hadn’t returned. If he pulled on the rope, the people on the ground would drag him out of the water.

The water was calm, yet the quietness was killing Fairenton. The only thing that calmed him down was that the water hadn’t turned bloody-red yet.

Fairenton was worried because Inle was one of his guards.

Inle was an orphan, and he had been accompanying Fairenton since they were both kids. When Fairenton was sent to the Big Snow Mountain to learn to cultivate as a warrior, Inle was with him as well. Although Inle’s official status was Fairenton’s guard, he was like a brother in Fairenton’s mind.

Inle wasn’t that talented; even though he also cultivated in Big Snow Mountain, one of the Cultivation Holy Land, for more than ten years, he was only a peak Three-Star Warrior. However, he was born with a lot of physical strength, and he was good in the water. He was extremely loyal to Fairenton, and this prince always brought him along.

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