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Hail the King Chapter 414.1

Chapter 414: Traces in History (Part One)

What happened in Dual-Flags City shocked the civilians. They were anxious and worried at first, but Fei was able to anticipate this, and the military put up posters and explained what was going.

After the water stopped shooting into the air and the rumbling noises disappeared, they finally relaxed and went back to whatever they were doing before.

The darkness enveloped the sky. With the curfew still active, there weren’t a lot of people on the streets, and the huge Dual-Flags City felt a little desolate.

After Fei roughly figured out what was going on, he resumed the activities around the water wells. More than 40 elite soldiers were placed around the water wells to guard them, and the other soldiers went back to their original spots.

Fei was the No.1 Master Warrior in Dual-Flags City, and he wasn’t even able to get to the bottom of the underground ocean. If someone sneaked into Dual-Flags City through the underground ocean, then he or she must be a mighty warrior. In that case, even if Fei placed all of the soldiers in Dual-Flags City here, it would be useless.

The mermaid-like creatures and the palaces at the bottom of the underground ocean left an indelible mark on Fei’s mind.

“When I become a Moon-Class Elite, I need to go down to the underground ocean again and check out what is going on down there.”

Fei felt like Emperor Yassin chose to construct this city here for a particular purpose, and he felt like he had discovered a secret that had been sealed up for decades. His Barbarian instinct told him that he had found something significant and was now involved in this upcoming storm.

Fei didn’t go back to the watchtower on the west gate.

He went to the Mayor’s Mansion for the night.

Soroyov was already locked up by Fei, and he was waiting for the sentencing from the Military Headquarter once the war was over. Currently, there were only a few maids and servants in here keeping this place clean; Soroyov’s family and relatives were moved out of this place and got relocated into another smaller mansion, and they were carefully monitored.

Fei entered the library in the Mayor’s Mansion and started to read the documentation and files from 26 years ago.

There were piles after piles of files in the library. It was evident that Soroyov didn’t like reading this stuff; most of the records and scrolls had a ton of dust of them.

Fei patiently went through one file after another, and he hoped to find some records that had documented the construction of Dual-Flags City; he wanted to see if he could find traces and records of those creatures and palaces.

However, it seemed like Fei had underestimated the number of records in this library.

After four hours, Fei had looked over more than 100 records, and he still didn’t find anything.

He stretched his back and sighed. Out of habit, he picked up an ordinary yellow scroll made from sheepskin. When he opened it up and skimmed it over, he was shocked to find a drawing.

This simple drawing looked like those mysterious mermaid-looking creatures.

“Huh?…… who drew this?”

He flipped back to the front page and found that this was an ordinary scroll; both the material used and the manufacturing process were not fancy, and it was yellow and was about to rot after about 20 years.

“Is it just a coincidence? Or is this scroll trying to express something?”

The more Fei looked, the more he was sure that the five drawings on this scroll were painting the scene he saw in the underground ocean; everything seemed too similar.

“The rough edges and the auras of those creatures are perfectly illustrated…… it couldn’t be wrong.”

There were writings on the scroll as well.

However, they were only tales that were told by traveling poets; they weren’t connected to the construction of Dual-Flags City and the underground ocean.

Fei carefully inspected this scroll; he even tried to see if there were hidden pages, but he wasn’t able to find anything.

Therefore, he had to place that scroll down on the ground and continue to flip through other files.

He read a lot about the history of Dual-Flags City.

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