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Hail the King Chapter 414.2

Chapter 414: Traces in History (Part Two)

Dual-Flags City was constructed 26 years ago. It was said that the person who came up with the idea of building a city here was Emperor Yassin; at the time, he just conquered the Capital City of Jax and was in his prime. The selection of location and the design of the city were all done by Emperor Yassin; this man displayed extraordinary patience and ordered the troops of Zenit to camp around the construction site for more than half a month. In the end, the troops were running low on food, and they had to retreat and go back to St. Petersburg.

However, after he left with the troops, it seemed like Emperor Yassin completely forgot about Dual-Flags City; he rarely brought it up again.

In the beginning, the officials and the ministers were putting a lot of attention on the construction of Dual-Flags City. After a year’s time, this mega-city was built after a lot of resources were spent. Even though the Mayor’s Mansion was set up and the native defense force was created, the attention Zenit paid to this city decreased as Emperor Yassin strangely ignored it.

Fei found it fishy.

“Emperor Yassin was very into building this city earlier, and he even ordered the troops to camp around the construction site…… why did he stop mentioning Dual-Flags City after he returned?”

Fei recalled that Zenit’s territory grew to its maximum after the Jax Empire was conquered, but it then started to contract. After Emperor Yassin went back to St. Petersburg, he rarely showed himself, and Zenit that once scared a lot of its neighboring empires stopped its conquering path. As a result, the Zenit Empire that was becoming the No.1 Empire in the region started to decline in power.

What happened?

Fei didn’t know the answer.

Fei still didn’t find the answer after four more hours of flipping through the files.

Out of all the files Fei went through, the recording of that situation was remarkably similar, and they all stopped after Emperor Yassin went back to the Capital.

However, Fei did find a lot of interesting information from the unofficial history books.

In these books, it was said that fish-formed Demon Beasts had jumped out of the water wells before and injured some people, and it was reported that Emperor Yassin had dived into the groundwater to inspect it. In some ancient tales, it was said that this region was a vast and limitless ocean before, and the Sea Tribe was associated with the Demons was the ruler of the area. But after the war between the Gods and Demons broke out, the Sea Tribe wasn’t able to survive through it, and they all died……

Fei felt like these unofficial history records were more indicative of what happened before.

Perhaps the underground ocean under Dual-Flags City contained secrets that were tens of thousands of years old.

“When I become a Moon-Class Elite, I must go down and figure it out…… It feels like something is calling for me down there.”

Fei made his decision.


The second day.

The invaders of Jax still didn’t siege.

Shevchenko and Ribry were shocked and worried at the same time; they thought the cruel invaders of Jax were conspiring against Zenit, and they recommended Fei to order a raid against the campsite of Jax.

Fei rejected the idea.

The king knew that Prince Fairenton wasn’t conspiring against him but rather waiting for the food supplies and his Senior Fellow Disciple from Big Snow Mountain to get here. After all, pushing the soldiers to siege a city without adequately feeding them might cause an uproar, and sieging a city without having a powerful master to back the soldiers was useless as well.

Fei opened up a big map in the watchtower on the west gate.

“Frank, you and Andrew lead 200 Star-level soldiers out of the city tonight in secrecy; dress in black armors, prepare flammable fuels, and go out using ropes on the defense wall. Quietly get through the opening in the north direction, and camp this location……” Fei pointed at a location on the map and continued, “If you guys see a troop of Jax with food supplies going by, raid them and burn all the food supplies. Make sure you guys come back after the sunset and before the temperature gets extremely cold tomorrow. I will be waiting for you guys.”

Shevchenko and Ribry were excited to hear new commands.

However, Ribry asked after seeing where Fei was pointing, “Sir, if you don’t mind me asking, I don’t know of a path in that area that troops could use. Why are we camping there?”

Fei smiled and replied, “You guys would know when you come back. Remember, if you guys don’t see a troop of Jax that is carrying food supplies or if a powerful master warrior is guarding this troop, come back immediately! Make sure you guys don’t get caught in the temperature drop. Also, when selecting soldiers, make sure they are One-Star Warriors or extremely close to one; they need to be able to have some resistance against the cold. Go get the necessary equipment and items from the logistic department; you guys don’t need to ask me again.”

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