Chapter 416: Eliminate the Powerful Enemies (Part One)

Elena’s arrows slowed down the throwing axes, and Fei was able to dodge the attack using skill [Leap]. But right after he jumped away, Korlic used [Leap Attack] at him again, and the huge ax chopped down at him forcefully.

“[Leap Attack]!”

Fei roared and used [Leap Attack] as well. Using his Dual-Swords, he mimicked the strike of an ax and collided with Korlic in mid-air.


The mighty wind was created, and Fei and Korlic both got knocked back.

This time, Fei was in the disadvantage; his swords almost fell out of his hands as the skin on his hands were torn.

Korlic was an Ancient, and he was known for his [Leap Attack]. This Barbarian Skill reached a new height in his hands; it could be said that no one was able to understand the power and the essence of [Leap Attack] better than him.

Fei’s [Leap Attack] was only level 12; the difference between them was huge.

As soon as Fei landed on the ground, a bladestorm came right at him. The summit of Mount Arreat turned into a sea of blades.


This was the skill that Talic was known for.

Fei instantly used [Leap] and dodged that fierce attack; he didn’t want to take on that powerful attack head-on.

In just a few seconds of battle, Fei already got a clear idea of the power level of these three Ancients. Each of them had the ability to take him on, and it was no longer possible for him to defeat them in a dominating manner. This was the hardest battle that Fei had in Diablo World, and he had to take it slow and try to outlast them; that was the strategy he used in the game on Earth as well.

It was fortunate that Fei wasn’t fighting alone; he had his powerful Mercenary.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A bunch of arrows and throwing axes were flying in the air.

Elena and Madawc who were both great at long-range combat fought with each other.

Although Madawc was more powerful, Elena was able to utilize the enormous stone structures and towers on the altar to dodge his attack.

While avoiding getting hit, she was able to counterattack effectively.

In the short term, no one was able to get the victory.

“Great! I shall kill Korlic, the weakest one among them, first!”

Fei thought about it and ditched his Dual-Swords.

Although the set items [Bul-Kathos’ Children] was able to improve his power by increasing his statistics, Fei didn’t put many points into [Sword Mastery], and he didn’t know many powerful sword techniques. As a result, Fei’s real power was being limited by his weapons.

After he ditched his swords, he lowered his center of gravity and pulled back his right arm. Instantly, the weather on the summit of Mount Arreat changed. A huge transparent fist mark appeared in the air, and it dashed at Korlic as Fei punched out and shouted, “[Sky Frost Fist]! – One Strike to Kill!”

Fei couldn’t beat these Ancients in terms of proficiency in the Barbarian skills, but he had more strength than them. After all, Fei was now a level 91 Barbarian, and he added almost all of his attribute points to [Strength].


Korlic was immediately knocked away by the fist mark.

Fei didn’t chase after Korlic.

Even though Korlic lost one-fifth of his HP, Talic, the most powerful Ancient among the three used [Whirlwind], turned into a blade tornado, and struck at Fei.


Fei jumped into the air, concentrated his strength, and struck at Talic using his [Sky Frost Fist].


Talic was knocked away as well!

Fei gained a lot of confidence after seeing this.

He knew that the Goddess of Victory was tilting towards him and flirting with him.

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