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Hail the King Chapter 417.1

Chapter 417: Boost in Strength (Part One)

“Don’t do this ever again, you hear me?”

Although Fei gradually calmed down after seeing the effect of the potion taking place, he had to remind Elena and instill that idea in her mind.

His worried and unsettled expression made Elena who was enduring a lot of pain laugh out loud.

“Laughing? You can still laugh?” Fei stared at Elena and growled, “If you do this again, I won’t bring you on missions and quests anymore!”

A beautiful smile appeared on Elena’s face as her eyes shone.

Although she didn’t say anything, the stubbornness in her eyes told Fei that she would follow him to wherever he goes.

Any man would be taken by a beautiful smile like that, especially when the girl was usually a cold yet emotionless goddess.

Fei was no exception; Elena’s smile almost blinded him.

It was just irresistible!

Fei lowered his head and kissed her on her red lips.

All of a sudden, it seemed like the summit of Mount Arreat turned warmer, and the snow turned purer and whiter.

After the kiss, smiles appeared on both Fei’s and Elena’s face.

However, since it wasn’t the right place to get affectionate, Fei took out a few more bottles of potion and healed Elena completely.

“We don’t have much time today. It seems like we can only kill Baal next time.”

Fei couldn’t wait! That was the last quest! As long as he entered [Worldstone Chamber] and killed the final boss Baal, everything would be completed in the normal mode. According to the construct of the game on Earth, he could be going into the nightmare mode. It was evident that this Diablo World wasn’t a 100% copy of the game, so what was going to happen?

Fei felt like the opportunity for him to advance to a Moon-Class Elite was close.

“Alexander, I feel like something is changing inside my body……” Elena frowned and said to Fei; when she killed Madawc, that golden energy from Madawc also entered her body.

Before Fei could reply, changes occurred.

A beam of white light dashed down from the sky and enveloped Fei.

“I’m leveling up……” Fei murmured. Although this was the typical process of leveling up, Fei was soon surprised. “One level…… two levels…… three levels……” the king was shocked by what was going on. The leveling up process took way longer this time! When that white beam of light disappeared, he realized that he was already…… level 99?!

“Leveled to the max? How? I got to the max level of 99 before killing the final boss Baal…… what would happen once I kill Baal and his subordinates? Surpass level 100?” Fei was a little stunned.

By leveling up from level 91 to level 99, Fei got eight new skill points and 40 attribute points; it was a huge reward.

When he opened up his skill tree, he realized something strange.

Both [Leap Attack] and [Whirlwind] reached level 24; Fei remembered that he put little points into the two skills.

“Could it be……”

Fei thought back to the golden energies from Korlic and Talic that got into his body. “Could it be that the golden energies were the essence of the two Ancients which contained their understanding of the two skills?”

“Alexander, I…… I think I learned a new throwing skill.”

Elena’s surprised tone proved Fei’s hypothesis. The golden energy that entered Elena’s body was Madawc’s essence which contained his skill [Double Throw].


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