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Hail the King Chapter 418.1

Chapter 418: A Smart Person’s Decision (Part One)

For a moment, Abramovich was stunned. He didn’t know who this dark-skinned man was.

“How dare he speak to the king of Chambord like this? From his tone, it feels like they know each other well…… But it is obvious that he doesn’t know who the king of Chambord is……”

Fei smiled and didn’t explain anything. He waved at Husky and signaled him to come over.

“Your Majesty, this is……” Abramovich asked with a bright smile on his face.

“Let me introduce you guys to each other. This is a friend of mine who I just made. I hid my identity from him before.”

Fei didn’t hide his identity anymore. After he told Abramovich how he and Husky met each other and praised Jessica multiple times, he patted Husky’s shoulder and asked with a smile on his face, “Emile, sorry that I hid my identity before. You don’t mind it, do you?”

Husky was stunned.

His eyes opened wide, and he couldn’t believe what was going on.

After a while, he finally reacted. He patted Fei’s shoulder and laughed out loud, “So you are King Alexander His Majesty! Haha! Am I going to become your guard? Great! Nice to meet you, sir! I will do my best…… Eh, sorry, sir! I shouldn’t have touched you…… I……”

This simple-minded man was so excited that he was all over the place and didn’t know what to say. He didn’t mind Fei hiding the identity at all! It seemed like this man never knew how to blame others and be bothered.

“It is quite unexpected, Your Majesty. No one expected you to do investigations around Dual-Flags City yourself, haha! I’m sure Your Majesty already got all the information you need. This brother named Emile sure is lucky!” Abramovich said.

He was quite surprised by what Fei did. “This king already quietly went around the city and got all the detailed information. What a nice move!” he thought; his impression of Fei got even better.

After he thought for a while, he proposed, “Soros’ Merchant Group’s Dual-Flags City division is short on a female manager. Since Your Majesty just mentioned that Emile’s sister is smart and is capable of great things, I would have to risk offending you and Emile by asking her to join my division. Is that doable? Your Majesty?”

After founding out that there was a secret on Jessica that could be related to Angela, Fei had been trying to help the poor girl out. However, she couldn’t join the military like her brother.

After considering all options, it seemed to Fei that Soros’ Merchant Group that could take on the Mage Union, Mercenary Union, and the nobles was a great alternative.

Abramovich was a smart person. As soon as Fei praised Jessica who wasn’t even present, he understood the intent of this king who just came into power.

This was a great opportunity for him.

From the tone the king of Chambord used, he knew that this king valued this girl named Jessica. If she joined this division of Soros’ Merchant Group, it would almost tie the king of Chambord and himself together and put them on the same boat. This was much more effective than giving this king gifts.

Soros’ Merchant Group was a massive organization; it had numerous divisions that resided in almost all empires and all regions. Although these divisions belonged to the same organization, the competition between them was fierce. By going from a slave who had nothing to a manager in this big organization, Abramovich had unique characteristics and methods that others couldn’t copy.

However, he hasn’t got a single promotion since he became the manager at this division in Dual-Flags City three years ago.

It was apparent to him that he couldn’t go higher on his own. He was only a merchant who had some resources and some connections; if he wanted to get more influential, he needed a powerful ally who had similar potentials, and this ally had to give him strong support in the areas he lacked.

In the last three years, Abramovich had been accumulating resources and paying close attention to the situation in Zenit; he wanted to find an ally that matched his criteria.

King Alexander of Chambord’s appearance did catch his attention.

In the beginning, Abramovich didn’t have much faith in the king of Chambord. In this world where power, background, and influence were everything, what could the king of a level 6 affiliated kingdom do?

As the competition among the affiliated kingdom took place, this smart man quickly changed his mindset.

He saw limitless potential in this king; the kind of potential that would scare a lot of people.

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