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Hail the King Chapter 418.2

Chapter 418: A Smart Person’s Decision (Part Two)

After some careful observations, Abramovich found that this King Alexander was a potential ally that the gods gifted to him; in his mind, the king of Chambord was the perfect ally for him.

When he got ready and was going to go to St. Petersburg and meet up with this king, the shocking news broke out; Martial Saint Krasic died on the Martial Saint Mountain, more wars were declared, and the king of Chambord became the No.1 Commander of Jax Battle Zone.

This news excited him.

Shortly after, his old friend Redknapp from St. Petersburg sent him a letter recommending the king of Chambord and reminding him to network with this king.

Everything was happening in a sequence that Abramovich could only hope for; he felt like the Goddess of Fate was favoring him.

When Fei arrived with the 6,000 cavaliers, Abramovich started to monitor everything closely.

Heroically charging into the enemies to save Ribry, dominating over the head commander of Jax, executing the leaders of the seven noble families, arresting Mayor Soroyov, constructing the militia, creating temporary new laws……

All of these direct and ballsy moves helped Abramovich to decide on partnering up with Fei.

Therefore, he chose a time that he considered appropriate and came to see Fei with a lot of gifts.

When Fei indirectly expressed his relationship with this girl named Jessica, Abramovich immediately understood it, and he gave the invitation proactively. To Soros’ Merchant Group that had a lot of money, paying and looking after a girl was nothing.

After hearing Abramovich’s invitation, Fei nodded out of satisfaction.

However, he didn’t like playing the role of a dictator. Therefore, he turned around and asked Husky who was still shocked, “Emile, what do you think? Should Jessica learn from Manager Abramovich and get involved in the business world?”

Husky felt like he couldn’t comprehend the situation.

Even an idiot knew the influence of Soros’ Merchant Group! Usually, people couldn’t even get into the division of the group in Dual-Flags City didn’t matter how hard they tried, but the manager of the division was inviting his sister to join? Husky was so overwhelmed that he didn’t know what to say.

“I will listen to you. Whatever you say, sir!” in the end, Husky stopped thinking and replied with this firm response.

“Hahaha! Damn! Is your head full of muscles?” Fei joked with this simple-minded man.

The king was pleased with this answer; for some reason, this simple-minded man made him feel intimate and relaxed.

Fei said to Abramovich, “Since this is the case, then I will thank you in advance for looking after the sister of my friend.”

“Don’t worry, Your Majesty!” Abramovich nodded and replied. He instantly valued this girl named Jessica a lot more after hearing what Fei said.

“Could it be that there is a deeper relationship between them? If this is the case, I need to be more serious,” he thought curiously.

Of course, Abramovich knew that he couldn’t become an ally to the king of Chambord using these small tactics.

On the Azeroth Continent, the most secure alliance was created by allies who could add a lot of values to each other. Therefore, Abramovich knew that he needed to show the king of Chambord enough reasons to treat him as an ally and not just a friend.

After thinking about that, he walked to the six chests.

Click! After he pressed a button on top of one chest, a series of cranking noises sounded, and the top of the chest opened up like a metal flower that was blossoming.

All sorts of colorful lights appeared in the dark watchtower.

Magic gems!

This chest contained various magic gems.

Fei walked up to the chest and picked up a few. He instantly sensed the chilling sensation, and his hand was lit up by vibrant colors. Although these magic gems were low-tier gems, there were tens of thousands of them; it was a great gift. Since Fei had the insane item [Horadric Cube] and was able to combine them to create high-level magic gems, the value of this chest was far beyond the market value.

The magic gems that Priest Zola at Chambord gave Fei as a present were almost all used, so these magic gems came at the right time.

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