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Hail the King Chapter 419.1

Chapter 419: The Map of the Palace of the Sea God (Part One)

“Great! Since we are in a war, these magic gems would be important strategic resources; they could at least last [Earth’s Protection] array for a month. Great! I will accept this gift, and I need to thank you for your generosity, Manager Roman,” Fei said as he placed the magic gems back into the chest.

“No need to thank me, I’m just doing my part.”

After seeing that Fei accepted the magic gems, Abramovich relaxed and opened the second chest.

More lights lit up the hall.

It was another chest full of magic gems.

Fei was a little shocked.

Two chests full of magic gems was quite a fortune. Priest Zola at Chambord only got less than a chest full of magic gems after taking bribes from everyone for about 20 years, but this division manager from Soros’ Merchant Group was able to hand Fei more than 20,000 magic gems easily.

“No wonder Soros’ Merchant Group is known as one of the most prominent organizations on the continent,” Fei nodded as he thought.

Third chest……

Fourth chest……

Abramovich opened them one by one, and they were all filled with magic gems.

There was a lot of value presented by this manager.

Fei looked at this man who was still calm and thought, “Damn, this man is worthy enough to get my full attention. On the Azeroth Continent, wealth is also another form of power. It is evident that this mid-aged man is wealthier than I thought.”

“Great!” Fei said as he reached out and placed these four chests into his storage ring.


The fifth chest was opened.

This time, it no longer contained magic gems. Instead, it contained a few booklets and pamphlets

Fei picked up the one that was on the top and opened it. He realized that it was a huge map that had drawn everything in detail in the 250-kilometers radius around Dual-Flags City; it was far better than the map the Military Headquarter provided him with. This map pointed out places such as oases, water sources, ancient paths, dangerous locations, and even the headquarters of the desert bandits; the military map didn’t have anything like those.

During the war, the value of a map like this couldn’t be measured.

Although Fei didn’t show his emotions on his face, he was changing his evaluation of this man. “It looks like he has control over channels and forces other than this division in Soros’ Merchant Group,” he thought.

The King quietly put back the map and picked up a booklet. This was a book on the locations of all divisions in Soros’ Merchant Group and the associated managers. There was also a square golden token inside the book.

“Your Majesty, doesn’t matter where you are, you can find a division of Soros’ Merchant Group that is the close to you. Our channels could help you pass messages that aren’t appropriate for other channels such as Zenit’s Military. Of course, you can also borrow up to one million gold coins at any of the divisions, and this golden token is the VIP symbol,” Abramovich explained with a smile on his face. Afterward, he added, “Too bad that these are all the privileges that I can offer you. Otherwise, there would be more perks.”

Fei laughed; he understood the implicit meaning behind Abramovich’s words, but he didn’t follow up on that.

There were still some drawings and maps inside the chest. Most of them were illustrations of high-level magic arrays, but most of these illustrations were incomplete. Abramovich could probably trade these for money, but he had enough money already. He apparently decided to give them to Fei because a master warrior like Fei might get more value out of them.

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