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Hail the King Chapter 419.2

Chapter 419: The Map of the Palace of the Sea God (Part Two)

Fei took a better look at these illustrations, and he realized that they were quite old. They were all drawn on fine leather, and there were a ton of magic pathings in these arrays. If these magic arrays could be complete, their power must be insane. Since Fei could use the help from Akara and Cain who were like mad scientists in this field and could potentially complete the magic arrays, he accepted these gifts willingly.

As Fei was about to look at the sixth chest, he suddenly sensed a familiar energy surge from the bottom of the fifth chest.

“This……” Fei took out the sheet of leather that was at the bottom of the chest.

There were some ancient texts on this dark leather made from the skin of an unknown but powerful Demon Beast. There was a natural pressure looming on this leather; although this leather had aged, and that pressure was minimal, it was still enough to make Fei a little scared subconsciously. When Fei caressed this piece of leather, he felt a pain as if many needles were trying to pierce through his skin.

Of course, these weren’t the reasons why Fei was surprised.

The reason Fei was surprised was that there was an image of the mermaid-like creature on the right top corner of this leather; that image looked very similar to the images of the mermaid-like creatures Fei found in the Mayor’s Mansion last night.

Except for the image of the mermaid-like creature, this square leather that was about 50-centimeters on each side also had some landscapes and buildings drawn on it, and some ancient texts were commenting on something. This leather looked like the map of an ancient city, but how did Abramovich get his hands on it?

Fei looked at Abramovich with that question on his mind,

“I found this map in the headquarter of a group of desert bandits in the territory of Jax. They robbed a lot of my merchandises, and I wiped them out with the help of some master warriors from Soros’ Merchant Group. I found a lot of treasures, and this map was one of them. I have spent four years trying to decrypt this map by hiring a lot of professionals, but it got to nowhere; no one knew where this place is, and no one could understand the ancient texts,” Abramovich told Fei honestly, “But some famous traveling poets predicted that this map is connected with a Mythical Ruin. Since I had it for four years and yield in nothing, I decided to gift it to Your Majesty and see if it could be useful for you.”

This manager didn’t lie.

This map was extraordinary, and anyone who wasn’t dumb could tell. However, since Abramovich couldn’t decrypt this map after four years, it was pretty much useless to him. No one was willing to pay a high price for it in auctions, and he wasn’t ready to sell it for cheap. In the end, he decided to give it to Fei to show his good faith.

However, since he knew this map was pretty much useless to Fei as well, he didn’t want to give it to Fei and leave a cheap impression in Fei’s mind. But after thinking about it for a while, he somehow put it at the bottom of the pile and hoped for the best.

“The material is quite nice. If Manager Roman couldn’t even decrypt it, I probably couldn’t as well,” Fei said as he calmly threw that map into the iron chest. After that, he laughed and continued, “Thank you so much for the gifts.”

He waved his hand, and this iron chest was put into his storage ring.

A disappointed emotion appeared in the eyes of Abramovich. “Since even the king of Chambord couldn’t see through this leather, then I guess it is useless……”

However, he didn’t know that Fei was already shocked to the maximum.

The ancient texts that Abramovich said no one could decrypt were very familiar to Fei; those texts were in the language used by the people in Diablo World! Except for when he learned potion-making knowledge from Akara and magic knowledge from Cain, Fei also saw a lot of these writing in various locations in Diablo World.

Of course, he knew the meaning of those texts on this map; the name of this map was [The Palace of the Sea God]

This map contained a lot of detailed information such as the locations of the structures and the defense mechanisms in them…… after connecting the dots, Fei felt like [The Palace of the Sea God] might be the buildings and structures he saw at the bottom of the underground ocean.

“There is a Mythical Ruin from the era of gods and demons at the bottom of Dual-Flags City?” Fei was very excited.

Abramovich gave him a big surprise unintentionally! Everyone knew the value of a Mythical Ruin! All the top-tier level 9 and level 8 Empires were all created by emperors who discovered and explored Mythical Ruins! It was reasonable to say that the cultivation techniques on the continent were found in Mythical Ruins.

From the map, Fei suspected that [The Palace of the Sea God] might be a level 6 Mythical Ruin!

With this critical map, Fei would be able to safely explore that underground ocean when he becomes a Moon-Class Elite. He would be able to avoid triggering the dangerous traps and explore this Mythical Ruin as if he was wandering in his backyard!

As Fei was trying hard to suppress his excitement, Abramovich opened the sixth chest.

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  1. Walensium

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    • OG

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      He really needs to go back hime and use his top9star skills to check it out more. He was only a 3star back then.

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