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Hail the King Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: The Four Powers

As if he was a kid that just got his favorite toy, Fei couldn’t hold himself back as he played around with the belt a bit more.


The rock appeared in his hand.


The rock disappeared into the belt storage. He controlled everything with his mind, as if the belt was hooked up to his brain. He tried again with some different sized rocks on the ground inside the partially ruined tower.

Fei quickly tested out the capacity of the storage space – Each slot in the storage space could only contain items up to the size of a basketball, but the weight of the items didn’t matter.

Therefore, the 8 storage space slots in the belt could hold items up to the size of 8 basketballs. Fei was very satisfied with the capacity. As the level of his Barbarian increased, Fei would be able to get higher quality belts, which would only increase the amount of slots they had.

“Finally! I have my own secret storage!”

This unexpected surprise really delighted Fei. These surprises made Fei realize that there were way more secrets and discoveries to be made in the Diablo World that somehow resided inside his mind.

【Rogue Encampment】 was only a novice map. As he leveled his character, he would be able to step into higher level maps such as 【Lut Gholein】 and 【Kurast Docks】. He felt there were a ton of unimaginable things waiting for him.

After he felt the monstrous strength of the Barbarian, he said “switch mode” in his mind and Sorcerer Fei took over. His enormous physical strength disappeared instantly, and Fei felt the magic powers and spell casting abilities of a level 3 Sorcerer.

Although Sorcerers and Necromancers were both mages, their powers were completely different. The Necromancer’s power was dark, cold and daunting, while the Sorcerer’s power was bright and just; fire, ice and lightning were all natural forces. After Fei switched to Sorcerer mode, a firm force field surrounded him. It was just as ominous as the Necromancer’s force field, but had different affinities.

“Sizzle, sizzle-”
A fireball appeared and hovered in his hands as Fei said “Fire Bolt!” in his mind. The bright red fireball was dancing in the wind and its size changed as Fei wished. Although it looked weak, Fei was sure that this fireball contained a significant amount of energy; it was far more powerful than Gill’s novice fireball. It could completely melt metal armour.

That was the power of Sorcerer Fei. After he closed his eyes to get used to the power of the Sorcerer, he made the force field that surrounded him disappear, and no one could tell he was a mage by looking at him anymore.

Fei then switched to Paladin Mode. Suddenly, a divine and gentle power filled Fei’s body. The power was strong to the point that it leaked out of his body. The energy was so bright and compassionate that it would make anyone who felt this energy come closer and trust and depend on Fei unconditionally, as if he was the God’s messenger.

Paladins were the most noble and righteous class in the Diablo World. Paladins’ most powerful skills were called Aura. Except for its combat abilities, it also had unimaginable healing and supporting abilities.

“Is the power of the Holy Church that Angela talked about the same as the Paladin’s from Diablo World?” Fei wondered.

While he was thinking, his body quickly got used to the Auras of the Paladin.

He stood there and repeated all the abilities and skills of the four characters. After he was sure that he wouldn’t forget anything, he switched back to Barbarian Mode, wore his soft white knight armour instead of his Barbarian items and walked out of the watchtower.

His reappearance was like a bright torch in complete darkness, and it drew the attention of everyone on the defensive wall.

The soldiers stared at him in awe. They all hoped that the powerful king who could communicate with the God of War could create a miracle again in such a dangerous situation and defeat the vicious enemies who were about to siege the castle. They wanted him to give them hope for survival.

However, three star warrior Lampard, one star warrior Oleg, Brook, novice mage Gill and a couple other people stared at Fei in fright and shock. Only those who had energy and powers themselves truly understood what had happened in the partially ruined watchtower.

In a short moment, a gloomy power, a wild power, a natural power and a divine power…. Four different types of powers appeared consecutively inside the watchtower, as if there were four one star warriors and mages hiding in there, fully displaying their power.

But it was impossible! They all knew that only one person was in that watchtower – the young King Alexander.

There was no else except him.

This meant that there was only one possible explanation for what happened – all of the four different powers belonged to the King.

“Oh God! Can one man acquire four different types of power? Moreover, each power is least at the one star level? This isn’t possible!!”

In the history of Azeroth Continent, there were examples of a person becoming proficient in a couple power different powers. It wasn’t impossible……but which one of those people weren’t famous geniuses in order to be able to make progress in learning different powers? Which one of them weren’t sun ranked masters?

Moreover, all the travelling poets who told stories of them around the continent could swear with their lives that those geniuses were far from young when they made progress.

“How old was Alexander?

Not even 18 yet.

Alexander was only famous because he was a r----d. This r----d wasted 17 years of his life, eating, sleeping and seeking fun. He never had any form of warrior or mage training. How could he possibly have 4 different types of powers? And all these power were at least one star rank?”

These feelings were circulating in Lampard and the others’ minds. They stared at Fei as he walked out of the tower as if he was Godzilla.

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