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Hail the King Chapter 420.1

Chapter 420: Second Base – Death Ancient City (Part One)

There were two swords with unique looks in the sixth chest.

The silver light reflecting off the body of the swords looked like mercury, and the chilly aura around the swords wasn’t hidden at all. The swords were sharpened, but the tips of the swords weren’t pointy; they were vicious hooks, making them look very strange. Each of the swords could be held with two hands, and their hilts were wrapped with black beast skin that could absorb sweat and increase friction. The two swords looked destructive and artistic at the same time.

Fei grabbed onto one and knocked it with his finger, and a crisp metal ringing noise resonated on the defense wall.

“Nice sword!” Fei praised.

He didn’t know what material this sword was made from; it was quite heavy. Although it was only 1.6 meters long, it weighed about 300 kilograms; that was heavier than a massive ax made from pure metal. The body of this sword was reflective as a mirror; Fei could see his own reflection on it.

What attracted Fei the most was the forging technique used.

Fei had seen a lot of elite items in Diablo World, and he learned a lot of knowledge regarding forging from that busty female blacksmith Charsi. He could tell that these two swords were on another level; Charsi couldn’t recreate them with [Demon’s Remains] and [Black Iron Essences] yet.

“I also found these two swords from the headquarter of those desert bandits. Some people said that these swords are more than 1,000 years old, and the techniques used are similar to the techniques of the Dwarves who existed in the era of gods and demons. A bit of Mithril, Purified Iron, and [Golden Tear of Goddess] which are all Combat Weapon materials were added to the body of the swords. They have great magic energy and warrior energy conductivity, but they are just too heavy for normal swordsmen to use. I couldn’t find anyone who could use them, so they have been sitting in my storage for a long time. Your Majesty is powerful, so these two swords finally met their righteous owner.”

Abramovich said respectfully. He was a person who was good with words and great at observing others, and he just flattered Fei implicitly.

“Manager Roman, you are so considerate,” Fei replied as he grabbed onto both swords. After he injected some energy into them, it seemed like the swords had their own spirits and let out a series of cheerful sounds.

Everyone in the hall was surprised by this.

Fei had the set item [Bul-Kathos’ Children] as his weapons; the Dual-Swords were great weapons with a lot of additive magic properties. In terms of damage, what he had now was much better than these two swords Abramovich gave him.

However, for some reason, these two swords gave Fei a special handy feeling. After some thinking, Fei accepted these two swords and placed them in the slots where the Barbarian Character kept his secondary weapons.

In others’ eyes, two dashes of silver lights flashed by, and the two swords disappeared into Fei’s arms.

“It looks like the strength of the king of Chambord is far beyond anyone’s estimations,” Abramovich who was a Four-Star Warrior himself was surprised, and he was also more pleased with this person who he selected as his ally.

Fei accepted all six chests as gifts, and he laughed as he said, “Manager Roman, thank you for the gifts!”

“It is my honor to have Your Majesty accepting all of them.”

Fei replied, “I don’t like running around the bushes. I already know the intention of your trip.”

A joyous expression appeared on Abramovich’s face. He quickly stood up and bow as he laughed, “Since this is the case and Your Majesty is busy with your work, I won’t take up more of your time.”

“Ok, Jose, please safeguard Manager Roman down the defense wall.”

“As you wish, Your Majesty!”

This Ophiuchus Saint whose name was Jose Rice walked Abramovich and his guards out of the watchtower and down the defense wall.

“Haha, Emile! Go and tell Jessica about what just happened quickly! If the people from Soros’ Merchant Group got to her first, she might be scared,” Fei laughed as he said to the simple-minded man.

“Yes, sir! I will go now…… hehe……” a bright smile appeared on Husky’s face. After he single-kneeled and saluted at Fei, he ran out of the watchtower in excitement. But after half a minute, he ran back and said, “Sir, I will be back soon.”

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  1. OG

    Wait…what was the point of the visit?

    Just to make an ally?

    • Mandorain

      Yup the merchant needs a powerful backer too climb higher in his organization

    • Pretty much. As a merchant, he climbed to the highest point he could. He needs someone who is powerful and influential as his ally to keep on climbing.

  2. Rubik

    Shouldn’t bul kathos swords be activated by now?
    he is a lvl 99 barbarian ?

    • jin

      That’s why he said that bul kathos swords got higher damage, but he get a weird feeling from these swords.

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