Chapter 420: Second Base – Death Ancient City (Part Two)

This simple-minded man had a special aura around him. Fei felt like this Husky was like one of his brothers who slept on the upper-berth in the student residence back when he was in university; those brothers of his would always back him up didn’t matter what happened.

Shortly after Husky left the watchtower, Shevchenko and Ribry came in. Every single preparation was done, and they were here to ask Fei when to move.

Fei nodded as he walked out of the watchtower and looked at the sun that was slowly disappearing on the horizon.

The king turned around and looked at the 200 elite soldiers behind the two commanders and stated, “You guys are the bravest and most powerful warriors in the city! You guys are the heroes of the empire! There are 200 of you right now, and I hope 200 of you returns safely tomorrow! Remember, I will have a party set up for you before the sunset tomorrow! Doesn’t matter if you successfully burn the food supplies of the enemies or not, you all will get level 3 merit points!”

“Long live Zenit! Long live King Alexander!” the soldiers chanted in excitement.

At this moment, the last bit of sunlight disappeared on the horizon.

“Roll out!”

As Shevchenko and Ribry commanded, the 200 elite soldiers placed their hooks with ropes attached to the battlements and quietly got down the defense wall like agile monkeys. After that, they quickly dashed through the opening that the enemies left in the north direction and disappeared into the desert.

“Time for me to go as well,” Fei thought as he calmed down after seeing this team successfully getting through the enemy lines.

He called over Cech, Pierce, Drogba, Huerk, and Kanort and gave a few orders, and he then switched to Assassin Mode and disappeared from Dual-Flags City; his subordinates were already used to his mysteriousness.


The wind was blowing in the desert

There was an ancient city located ten kilometers west to Dual-Flags City. Under the moonlight, all the ragged buildings, the endless shadows, and the lifeless sensation inside this huge city gave chills to people.

“Here! This must be the city that they were talking about.”

Fei stopped and looked at the ragged ancient city.

“Is this the Death Ancient City in the desert? It is a place full of danger and death,” Fei sighed as he quickly scanned the area with a 1,500-meters radius around him using his spiritual power.

He was about 1,000-meters away from the city, but he didn’t step forward for ten minutes.

There was a huge area of red quicksand in front of him, and it could easily devour anything that stepped on it.

The quicksand surrounded the city and acted like the moat, and it was referred to by many traveling poets as the Death Sand River.

It was heard that any warrior who hasn’t achieved Moon-Class would be swallowed by the quicksand when passing through it, and the corpse would become the food of the Berserk Metal-Eating Ants that resided under the quicksand.

This was the main reason why this ragged city turned into a death trap despite that fact that it was massive and most of the buildings in it weren’t destroyed.

“Let me see how berserk these cute little guys are.”

Fei thought as he quickly changed to Druid Mode.

His aura changed as nature essences appeared around him. When he waved his short wand, a cloud of white nature essences surged and turned into a white wolf.

Fei’s Druid Character was level 69, and Fei put a lot of skill points into [Summon Spirit Wolf]. This wolf had the strength of Three-Star, and it could be counted as a Demon Beast.


After Fei commanded, this wolf roared and dashed into the red quicksand.

This wolf was ultra-fast, and it didn’t get stuck in the quicksand at first. But after it sprinted forward for four seconds, something terrifying occurred. The calm red quicksand moat suddenly started to rumble, and dense black dots appeared beside the red sand grains.

Berserk Metal-Eating Ants!

These black dots were the Berserk Metal-Eating Ants!

Each ant was the size of a thumb, their black shells were shiny as gold, and their front limbs were like sharp blades. There were tens of thousands of these ants on the quicksand, and they instantly climbed over the wolf. In a split second, the wolf that could battle with a Three-Star Warrior disappeared before it could even let out a cry as if it was an ice cube that got placed in a heated oven.

“Terrifying! They are enough to block tens of thousands of soldiers,” Fei evaluated these ants.

With memories from Earth, Fei knew that these tiny little creatures were terrifying once they reached a certain number. During the Second World War, the African Army Ants had devoured a modern elite force led by the infamous Nazi general Rommel who had the nickname of Desert Fox; there were 1,800 soldiers in the force, but they couldn’t defend against those ants.

“This is the second base that both Tanasha and Paris recommended to me? This city and Dual-Flags City could compliment each other and sandwich the enemies, but how can I get the rest of [Wolf Teeth Legion] to enter this city?”

Fei decided to go into this ancient city first to check it out.

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