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Hail the King Chapter 421.1

Chapter 421: Accumulation (Part One)

Although Fei was very close to the realm of Moon-Class and could easily defeat anyone in the Star-level, he still couldn’t stand and travel in mid-air with no support. Therefore, he used the skill [Raven] and summoned the big bird. After he stepped onto the back of the big bird multiple times in mid-air, he finally got into the ancient city safely.

He looked around, and he felt like this Death Ancient City looked scary under the moonlight.

The colossal stone structures were bright under the silver moonlight, but that also contrasted with the dark shadows cast by them. The broad streets were empty and quiet, and the only things that were moving were the blowing wind and the ghost fires, A.K.A. the Will-o’-the-wisps that were dancing on top of white bones. This city looked like a city that belonged to the ghosts.

Sand grains were everywhere on the street, and the dry water wells were filled with sand as well. The ragged shrines and statues could still be seen, and a huge palace that was more than 400 meters tall was still visible from afar. Perhaps this city was too old, the roof of the palace had already partially collapsed.

After comparing everything to the age of the city, Fei felt like this city was in good shapes.

The defense walls around the city were all about 100-meters tall. Dense battlements and watchtowers were kept fine, but the only thing was that a ton of sand piled over them.

Fei stood still and scanned the area using his massive spiritual power.

“No signs of life. A dead city. The structural integrity of the city is fine, and this city could hold 30,000 soldiers, but……”

He soon discovered something strange; it seemed like a magnetic field enveloped the city.

Fei saw traces of this as soon as he entered the city.

The items on him that were made from metal all shook as they were being pulled down to the ground. Any average person would stagger in this situation, and he or she might not even be able to walk around with metal items on them. Only when Fei put away the metal armor of the Druid Character and put on a robe made from cloth and a pair of leather boots, that phenomenon he was experiencing disappeared.

“Could it be that this strange magnetic field is the real reason why this city has fallen?”

Fei walked along the streets and carefully observed the surroundings.

He quickly rejected his hypothesis.

There were a lot of skeletons lying on the ground, and they were weak; as soon as Fei touched them, they would break apart easily. From the weakness of the skeletons, Fei could tell that they were all civilians when they were alive.

A phosphorus light shone on these broken skeletons.

None of the skeletons was complete; it felt like Demon Beasts attacked them or an invading troop killed them.

After Fei walked forward on the main street for a bit longer, he saw a tall stone pillar with a ton of wooden cages hanging on it. The cages contained a lot of skeletons, and some of the skeletons were reaching their arms out of the cage; Fei could tell that these people were struggling to survive when they were alive, and they died from starvation.

He also saw a few crowns and some prestigious accessories on a few skeletons, and he felt like they were the royals of the city, and they got tortured here by their enemies.

Beside this stone pillar, there were a ton of sands. However, Fei was still able to see thousands of skulls. There was a small mountain made from skulls, and a few iron spears with skulls on them were stabbed into the ground in front of this mountain. Blue ghost fires danced on this mountain, and it looked creepy and chilling.

“These people are massacred……. A bloody massacre……”

When Fei walked pass this mountain, he felt like he could still hear the hoarse screams and cries, and it seemed like the souls of these poor people were reluctant to leave.

Fei searched around this ancient city, and he still didn’t find any signs of life.

The nest of the Berserk Metal-Eating Ants was about 100-meters away from the city, and hundreds of millions of Berserk Metal-Eating Ants lived there. It was strange that those little creatures weren’t interested in this city; put it in another way, it seemed like these creatures were a bit scared of this city.

“It seems like something in this ancient city is a nemesis to those ants; that is the only reason why those ants didn’t occupy this city.”

After he thought about that, Fei felt comfortable placing his troop here. If those ants could get into the city, 30,000 soldiers weren’t even enough for a feast for all little creatures.

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    that’s idiotic… even those ants which numbered in hundreds of millions were scared of an existence unknown to him and yet he feels comfortable leaving his 30000 troops? and basically major armed force Chambord has?

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