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Hail the King Chapter 421.2

Chapter 421: Accumulation (Part Two)

“However, it seems like there is a magnetic field inside this city; metal weapons and metal armors couldn’t be used at all…… Both Tanasha and Paris didn’t mention this in their notes. How can my soldiers be placed in here……”

Fei felt like there were some discrepancies between the reality and those two intelligent women’s calculations; these discrepancies shouldn’t exist……

“Could it be that this magnetic field only appeared after Emperor Yassin came here?” Fei shook his head and stopped thinking about that, “Let me find that secret tunnel first!”

In the notes those two women gave him, they both recommended Fei to use this deserted ancient city as a second base. This city and Dual-Flags City could compliment each other and sandwich the enemies in between.

Due to the existences of the Berserk Metal-Eating Ants, the vicious desert bandits never touched this place. Although it was rumored that a ton of treasures was placed in the city, the Moon-Class Elites had taken those away over the years, and this city was also not attractive in the eyes of adventurers.

The people of Jax also knew about this city.

However, they couldn’t enter this place.

The red quicksand moat that was more than 500 meters wide and all the Berserk Metal-Eating Ants living in it formed an excellent natural defense that no elite troops could get through.

However, in the messages Tanasha and Paris had to Fei, they said that they read a book written by Emperor Yassin in the Royal Library of Zenit, and they found out that Emperor Yassin came to this ancient city when Dual-Flags City was being constructed. Although Emperor Yassin didn’t find anything unusual in the palace in this city, he did accidentally discover an underground tunnel that bypassed the nest of the Berserk Metal-Eating Ants and led to a place outside the red quicksand moat.

Emperor Yassin didn’t tell anyone about this; perhaps this wise emperor kept the secret so that it could be used in the future.

Fei quickly found that secret tunnel by following the instructions Tanasha and Paris gave him.

Almost everything in this Death Ancient City was built using a type of black stone that had magnetic properties, and this underground tunnel was no different. This tunnel was about five meters wide and more than four meters tall; three carriages could travel side by side in this tunnel, and cavaliers could also charge in here.

An underground tunnel like this was magnificent.

However, it was apparent that the creators of this tunnel didn’t get to use it, and they were all killed.

Fei didn’t find any corpses or bones in the tunnel, and there weren’t any specks of dust. The only thing was that there wasn’t any air ventilation in the tunnel, and there wasn’t much oxygen. If Fei was an ordinary person, he would die after standing in the tunnel for too long.

Fei walked along the tunnel for about ten minutes, and he finally got to the end of it.

There was a huge two-sided stone gate that opened outward.

He was confident that a ton of sands was pushing on the other side of this stone gate.

Even if a Moon-Class Elite was here, he or she might not be able to open it.

Fortunately, the man standing in front of the stone gate was Fei.

After he switched to Barbarian Mode, he unleashed his crazy physical strength and pushed against the stone gate.

Boom! He pushed open the gate.

At this moment, all the sands rushed into the tunnel alongside the moonlight.

After air rushed in, it became easier to breathe.

Fei calculated the time and knew there were roughly five hours before dawn. He took out a pen and a piece of paper, wrote a letter, and summoned [Death Yellow Cape] Kashya from a blue portal.

“Ms. Kashya, please give this to Strategist Aryang in [Wolf Teeth Legion]; they are 30 kilometers to the southeast of Dual-Flags City.”


Kashya packed the letter and instantly dashed towards the direction of [Wolf Teeth Legion] like lightning.

Fe, on the other hand, switched back to Assassin Mode.

He set up many magic traps around the exit of the tunnel, and he went back to Diablo World afterward in satisfaction.


There was only one last quest left.

Fei and Elena had already entered [Worldstone Keep].

This was a magnificent building. Compared with the gloomy and chilly underground tombs and dark cities Fei and Elena had been in before, the inside of [Worldstone Keep] was as fancy as a king’s palace. The gold tiles with white cube decorations on the ground and the decorative ceiling all added to the luxuriousness of the building.

However, the laughter of the final boss Baal and the demons that were charging at Fei and Elena from all directions ruined it.

This was the most terrifying place in Diablo World.

All the demons and monsters here had great strength, and they had some basic intelligence. With magic weapons and armors, each of them was equivalent to a Four-Star Warrior in the real world.

There were three levels in [Worldstone Keep].

After four hours of killing, Fei and Elena finally got to the third level from the first level.

In the process, Elena had leveled up multiple times; she was now a level 84 Magic Archer and a level 46 Paladin.

Fei, on the other hand, was still at level 99. Although he got a ton of experience points, his level didn’t change.

However, Fei was already prepared for this.

He wasn’t worried; this was just an accumulation process. Once he got through [Worldstone Keep], entered [Worldstone Chamber], and killed final boss Baal, he would have completed all the quest in the normal mode, and the associated changes could occur.

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    • He killed Diablo in chapter 345. There was only a little description, so you might be missed it when skimming through.

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