Chapter 422: The Calm Before the Storm (Part One)

The final boss Baal was hiding in [Worldstone Chamber] which was connected to the third level of [Worldstone Keep].

However, its terrifying and arrogant laughter could be heard throughout [Worldstone Keep].

Baal’s laughter was filled with pressure and murderous spirits. That intense violent and cruel sensation traveled through the area like waves, and the invisible power continuously hammered Fei’s and Elena’s eardrums and mental states. Anyone who was weaker than Fei and Elena could have fallen into a state of chaos and lose their minds.

When they finally reached [Worldstone Chamber], four hours had passed.

Fei didn’t continue and kill the final boss; since there were more important matters for the king to take care of in the real world, Fei packed up the rewards that were dropped by the monsters and exited Diablo World.


The cold wind was still blowing in the desert.

After Fei returned to the secret exit of the tunnel that connected to the Death Ancient City and cleaned up the magic traps he set up earlier, he waited patiently.

After one hour passed, the sky turned brighter. There was a faint light appearing on the horizon, and it signified the beginning of the new day.

Suddenly, a series of loud clip-clopping noises sounded followed by the appearance of a team of cavaliers. Their weapons were reflecting the weak sunlight, and their presence was pressing.

“They are finally here?” Fei jumped onto a sand hill and looked in the direction of the cavaliers.

There were about 5,000 of them, and they were protecting a bunch of carts with supplies on them. The cavaliers who were leading the charge were wearing white capes and silver armors, and they were holding up flags with either a two-headed polar bear on them or a wolf head with shiny fangs on them.

They were the flags of Zenit and [Wolf Teeth Legion].

Fei relaxed a little. “It seems like everything went fine,” he thought.

He instantly howled, and those cavaliers heard him.

“Where are you!” someone shouted, and they instantly rushed toward Fei’s direction after Fei reconfirmed his location.

This troop got to Fei in about five minutes.

“Your Majesty! It is my honor to see you again!”

“Legion Commander, it is Cindy’s honor to see you again!”

“Legion Commander, it is Reyes’ honor to see you again!”

Old Aryang who was wearing a leather armor, [Magic Princess] Cindy who was wearing a black robe, and [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] Reyes who was wearing a white cape and a silver armor got off of their horses and saluted at Fei. They were all excited, and their nervousness disappeared.

“No need to complicate the process. There isn’t enough time, so let’s do this quickly. There is a secret tunnel behind me, and we need to get the food and supplies into the city safely. Also, notify everyone and make sure that they don’t step into the red quicksand moat; there are powerful Demon Beasts living in there……” Fei had already switched to Barbarian Mode, and he said that as he lifted his hand; all three of them who were single-kneeing on the ground were uplifted by the invisible force.

“As you wish, I will organize everything and order the troops to enter the city.”

Old Aryang who was now able to do some walking knew that the time was tight. He had a lot of things to talk to Fei about, but he decided to do that at a later time. After he saluted at Fei again, he turned around and started to organize the entry.

“Sir, we met again,” [Magic Princess] Cindy dusted off the sands on her robe as she smiled at Fei; at that moment, it felt like a flower had blossomed, and it got rid of the darkness.

“Princess Cindy, it must have been tough traveling this much,” Fei smiled and replied.

When this powerful female mage joined [Wolf Teeth Legion], Fei was surprised and joyous. A mage was much more valuable in a war, and Princess Cindy was a genius mage who mastered several powerful spells. Fei could sense the passionate heart under her cold and emotionless appearance.

“Hey, hey, hey! This is not fair! Cindy, you have never smiled like that in front of me who is ultra-handsome! Why are you smiling like that in front of the Legion Commander? Could it be……” [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] Reyes wrinkled at Cindy and joked with her.

“If you can defeat the Legion Commander in a battle, I will smile for you.”

“Ah? Whatever…… how can I match up to a monster like King Alexander?”

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