Chapter 422: The Calm Before the Storm (Part Two)

Fei smiled again after hearing the joking tones. At least it seemed like these two masters who all had strong personalities were becoming friends; it was a good sign. A united [Wolf Teeth Legion] was better than a [Wolf Teeth Legion] that was filled with internal conflicts. In a way, this level of harmony reflected the work that old Aryang had been doing.

At this moment, another series of clip-clopping noises sounded.

“It’s the scouts of Jax! They are here!” the expression changed on [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]’s face. He asked proactively, “Sir, let me go and kill them all! We don’t want them to know about our traces.”

“Haha! Great! Let all three of us have a little competition to see who gets the most kills,” Fei dashed towards the enemies as he said that.

“Ok! [Magic Wings]! [Floatation]! [Increased Speed]!”

Cindy shouted as she cast a few spells, and the magic elements in the area surged around her. A pair of translucent green wings appeared behind her back, and she flew towards the enemies quickly like a battle angel.

“Haha! Let me show you…… [Joy Sorrow Sword]! [Separate Gather Sword]! Go!”

[Silver Armored Vicious Sword] shook his shoulders, and two dashes of chilling lights shot out of the mysterious sword box on his back; these two swords instantly traveled more than 500-meters and killed the four Sand Tiger Cavalier charging at the front.

There were only more than 100 Sand Tiger Cavaliers.

The scouts of Jax had noticed this troop of Zenit very early; they monitored this troop carefully when this troop entered the region close to Dual-Flags City. Therefore, a team of scouts of Jax had been following them closely and wanted to see what they were up to.

However, they didn’t expect this troop that was only focused on charging forward to turn around and attacked.

“They had master warriors! Run!”

“Run in separate directions! Tell Prince Fairenton about this! Quick!”

The leader of the scouts knew something was off and instantly turned his horse around as he gave out a series of commands. All the Sand Tiger Cavaliers turned around and started to retreat.

Although this leader with the fast reaction didn’t save his own life, it did allow three scouts to successfully escape. Those three scouts dashed into the desert, and the message was being passed out.

“Damn it! Sir, let me chase after them!” [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] wanted to charge after those scouts.

“No need! The invaders of Jax will know that a portion of the legion came here sooner or later. We have bought enough time, so it doesn’t matter if they know about it now. We have more important matters to take care of,” Fei shook his head and explained.

“Ok,” Reyes rubbed his chin and suddenly laughed, “Hahaha! I killed the most enemies! Mr. Alexander, quickly give me the prize!”

As Fei dashed towards Death Ancient City, he laughed, “Did I say that the person with the most kills would get a prize?”

Cindy giggled, but Reyes didn’t have a comeback.


“Your Majesty, all the food and supplies are moved into the city according to the plan. Just like what Your Majesty said, there is a special magnetic field inside the city. All the metal gears won’t work…… most of the soldiers had switched to leather armors, and we have ditched most of the metal weapons and armors; that is how everything went smoothly.”

Strategist Aryang saw Fei returning to the exit of that secret tunnel and quickly reported everything.

“Great! Let’s make the next move! Pass my order! Leave 2,000 cavaliers here to clean up the city. Cindy and Reyes, you guys stay here as well to watch over everything and make sure that everything is secure,” Fei gave out orders right away, “The rest of the cavaliers and Strategist Aryang shall follow me back and meet up with the rest of [Wolf Teeth Legion]. The rest of the legion should use this opportunity and get into Dual-Flags City.”

“As you wish!”

“Sir, let me go with you,” [Magic Princess] Cindy suddenly stepped out and expressed her wish.

“Cindy, this ancient city needs to be watched over by someone powerful. It is better if you and Reyes stay here. If master warriors from Jax come, please kill them for me,” Fei thought about it and rejected Cindy’s proposal.

“Ok then,” Cindy thought about it and nodded.

[Silver Armored Vicious Sword] Reyes glanced at Fei and Cindy repeatedly with a meaningful smile on his face as if he discovered something.

After the two master warriors and the 2,000 cavaliers entered the city, Fei closed the stone gate that was more than ten tons heavy. After that, he used his power and stirred up the sand around the area; all the traces of this secret tunnel disappeared.

After everything was ready, Fei hopped onto the horse that a soldier got for him and led the 3,000 cavaliers with Strategist Aryang towards the rest of [Wolf Teeth Legion].

It was almost dawn, and it was the most critical moment.

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