Chapter 423: Return of the King (Part One)

It was dawn, and everything was quiet.


A big arrow with white fletching pierced through the air and struck the ground; the body of the arrow vibrated rapidly.

“Who is it? Stop right there!”

After seeing the appearance of a team of cavaliers and hearing the loud clip-clopping noises, Torres who was in charge of guarding the campsite shot out an arrow and shouted to warn the unknown troop. There were three more arrows placed on his bow, and he was ready to shoot them out if something felt wrong.

The rest of [Wolf Teeth Legion] placed their campsite 30-kilometers from Dual-Flags City. When they set up the campsite, there were already scouts of Jax appearing around them; it was wartime, their enemies could attack and raid them at any time.

Close to dawn, Strategist Aryang received the order from the Legion Commander, and he left with carts that carried all the food and supplies and 5,000 cavaliers. Currently, Chambord’s former No.1 Master Warrior Lampard was in charge of overlooking the campsite, and all the soldiers in [Wolf Teeth Legion] were aware and were ready for the enemies to show up.

When Torres heard the noises made the cavaliers and didn’t get a response to his warnings, his mind instantly tensed up.

“If you don’t declare your identities, we will shoot,” Torres warned again as he signaled a scout behind him to report the situation to Lampard.

There was still no response.

A cold light appeared in Torres’ eyes as he released the three arrows on his bow.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The three big arrows left three white traces of afterimages in the air as they dashed towards the person charging at the very front.

At this moment, a powerful energy surge appeared and crushed the arrows into specks of dust.

“Hahaha! Fernando! Your archery skill improved again!” laughter sounded.

Torres’ body instantly froze.

This voice was so familiar to him that he almost engraved it into his soul. After his expression froze for a second, he was overjoyed! He was so excited that his hands started to shake. He turned around and shouted at one scout behind him, “It is His Majesty! King Alexander is back! Go! Quick! Tell Mr. Lampard! Tell him that His Majesty is back!”

Almost at the same time, a flag with a two-headed dog, an ax, and a sword on it appeared and fluttered in the wind.

It was the flag of Chambord.

The person leading the troop was the handsome king of Chambord!

“Your Majesty!”

Torres jumped off of his Roaring Flame Beast and single-kneeled down with the scouts around him.

“Haha! No need for all these complicated salutes. The time is tight; follow me to the central tent,” Fei laughed.

The king was happy to see his guard as well. He could tell that Torres’ strength increased a lot and was about to reach the level of mid-tier Five-Star. If a weaker warrior was in Fei’s position, the three arrows couldn’t be handled that easily.

“As you wish!” as if they found their spiritual pillar, Torres and the scouts around him hopped onto the Roaring Flame Beasts and hurried back towards the campsite of [Wolf Teeth Legion] with joy.


The loud bugle sounds resonated in the campsite.

The gate of the campsite opened, and commanders of all levels walked out with excitement on their faces. The person leading the way was a tough man with red hair and a huge black sword on his back.

“Uncle Lampard!” Fei jumped off of his horse and paid his respect to Lampard.

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