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Hail the King Chapter 425.1

Chapter 425: Death Moment (Part One)

“Really? Great!” after hearing the confident statement made by their head commander, the tough generals on the side of Jax were all relieved.

In these few days, the pressure that damn King of Chambord brought them too much pressure; the king pressured the 60,000 soldiers of Jax himself! If there was someone who could deal with him…… No! If there was someone who could take up some of the King of Chambord’s time, it would be easy for the soldiers of Jax to conquer Dual-Flags City.

“It is a great news! But what is His Highness’ solution?”

A lot of the generals were murmuring among themselves.

At this moment –

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A loud thunder-like clip-clopping noise sounded, and shouts and roars sounded afterward. These sounds came from the east direction, and the ground soon started to shake.

“What is going on?”

“Could it be the reinforcement of Zenit? It couldn’t be! The scouts haven’t reported back yet!”

Fairenton and the commanders rushed out of the tent and saw a ton of sand grains flying in the air farther away. The cavaliers who were in black armors were charging towards the campsites of Jax like a flood, and the chilling lights reflecting off of their weapons feared a lot of people.

“Your Highness! A large number of cavaliers of Zenit showed up behind us!” a scout rushed back on a horse and reported to Fairenton as he jumped off of it.

Prince Fairenton walked up on a sand hill while being surrounded by the commanders. After he took a better look, he smiled and said, “There are only about 6,000 cavaliers! Where did the rest of them go? Huh, how dare they attack our campsites with so little soldiers? Pass my order! Tell the troops in the middle to back away and tell the troops on the two edges to move forward. Form a U-shape formation, and let them come into the trap of death……”

“As you wish!”

Bugle sounded, and a few commanders behind the prince hopped onto their horses and rushed towards the troops that have been stretched over a long distance to pass down the orders.

Soon, the situation on the battlefield changed.

The middle portion of the troops started to slowly back away, and they kept their distance with the 6,000 cavaliers of Zenit.

When these 6,000 cavaliers entered the attack range of the archers, the archers on the side of Jax shot out numerous arrows. The arrows almost covered the sunlight, and they pierced into the formation of the cavaliers. The sounds of arrows piercing into flesh resonated in the area and blood spilled in all directions. There were cavaliers of Zenit falling off of their horses at every second, and they were stomped into meat paste by the horses behind them. The scene was really cruel and bloody.

However, this cruel scene couldn’t stop the cavaliers of Zenit.

As the cavaliers charged forward, they all drew out their weapons in silence.


The commander leading the charge shouted, and the cavaliers increased their speed even more.

The distance between the soldiers of Jax and the cavaliers of Zenit was closing at a fast pace.

Soon, the arrows lost their effectiveness.

After the spearmen and shieldmen of Jax backed off for 200-meters, they finally arranged a defensive formation. Their spears were pointing forward at a 45-degree angle, and their metal shields lifted up; it seemed like these soldiers placed a terrifying metal forest in the desert.

At the moment, the strongest soldiers were leaning forward and pressing against the shields with their shoulders as they waited for the cavaliers of Zenit to collide in with them.

“Spearmen…… throw!”

A Star-level warrior commanded. He was the commander of this formation, and he was standing 20-meters behind the shieldmen with a brown metal armor on him. With calmness on his face but frenzy in his eyes, he calculated the distance between his formation and the cavaliers of Zenit, and he threw out his black iron spear after he empowered it with his Warrior Energy and ordered the spearmen to do the same at the same time.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Thousands of spears followed that black iron spear and flew towards the cavaliers, and this was the last range-attack there would be in this battle.

On the other side, the commander leading the charge sensed the intense murderous spirits. With a grin on his face, he reached behind his back and pulled out his huge black sword.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

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