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Hail the King Chapter 425.2

Chapter 425: Death Moment (Part Two)

As a series of loud booming noises sounded, hundreds of spears that were flying at him exploded into dust.

A dash of lightning shot out of the clouds of iron dust and struck onto the metal shields ten-meters away. As if lava was poured onto snow, it instantly went through six layers of shields and shot towards that commander of Jax.

That commander’s pupils contracted instantly; he knew that this commander of Zenit was a lightning-elemental warrior, and he knew danger was approaching.

In that split-second, he only had the time to raise his blade and try to block the attack.

In the next second, he sensed a vast indefensible energy flowing inside his body, and he flew back into the air. As his body got numbed, the gasps and shouts of the soldiers around him sounded.

Then, he lost his consciousness.


Death arrived, and a blood flower blossomed in the sky.

The flood-like cavaliers collided into the metal forest-like spear and shield formation, and roars and screams both sounded at this moment. Limbs flew into the air, blood spilled in all directions, and the helmets, armors, and weapons of the soldiers from both sides were stained……

This was a war!

A soldier of Jax slashed a cavalier of Zenit as he roared, but his head was pierced by another cavalier using a spear. The spear pierced through his mouth and nailed him onto the ground. Although he was struggling and trying to fight back, the life energy was being drained from his body at an insane rate.

Beside him, another soldier of Jax got half of his head chopped off, and his single eye was staring into the sky that was turning red.

With the thrust from the horses, the cavaliers of Zenit charged into the formation of Jax and started to kill the enemies. At the same time, some of them were pulled down from their horses and got killed by the enemies as well.


On a hill not too far away.

The head commander’s flag was fluttering in the wind, and it looked majestic.

The person under the flag was wearing a set of fancy armor, and his dark-red cape was fluttering in the wind as well. Who could it be if it wasn’t Prince Fairenton? At the moment, he was carefully observing the battle.

Beside him, there were two mid-aged men who weren’t wearing metal armors but cloth robes. From their appearances, one could tell that they were not a part of the military. With powerful auras around them, it looked like they were both stronger than Prince Fairenton who was an Eight-Star Warrior.

Since these two were able to stand beside Prince Fairenton, it spoke to how strong they were.

“There is such a powerful warrior on the side of Zenit except for the king of Chambord? Such terrifying lightning-elemental Warrior Energy! It is close to Eight-Star!” after seeing the commander of the cavaliers of Zenit chop open the spear and shield formation, Prince Fairenton who was closely monitoring everything was shocked. He turned around and asked, “Why don’t we have any report on this man from our Military Headquarter?”

A commander behind him who was in charge of information collection and intelligence was confused as well. “We should have all the information. We got all the information on all the masters in [Wolf Teeth Legion]. Where did this Eight-Star Warrior come from? Huh? Your Majesty! His look, his figure, and his black sword…… they remind me of one person……”

“You mean Chambord’s former No.1 warrior Frank Lampard?”

Fairenton had been studying the King of Chambord’s history, and he was very familiar with the people who were close to Fei. Since Lampard was formerly known as the most powerful man in Chambord, he was studied by the prince. However, from the information the prince gathered, it seemed like this man was formally known as the No.1 warrior before because the King of Chambord didn’t show his true color yet. The reports said that Lampard was only a Three-Star Warrior, and Prince Fairenton couldn’t believe that this man’s strength increased so much in a few months.

“It should be him,” that commander behind Fairenton thought about it and said, “This man is mysterious, and he keeps a low-profile. He didn’t participate in the competition hosted in St. Petersburg, and not a lot of people have seen him in battle. But…… but many people believe that he is powerful. After all, all the warriors around the King of Chambord suddenly showed their shocking powers. I think……”

“Eh, you are right,” Fairenton nodded and replied.

He was almost used to strange things happening around the King of Chambord; many things that had happened around the King of Chambord were hard to understand. Prince Fairenton untied the cape from his armor and said, “Since this warrior named Lampard is very close to the King of Chambord, killing him would be like chopping off one of the King Alexander’s arms. I think Alexander would be deeply saddened by it! Hahaha!”

“Your Highness, are you going to battle him yourself?” the commanders around him were shocked.

“Is there anyone else who could take him on?” the prince put on his helmet and asked.

All the commanders around him didn’t an answer to that question.

The Jax Empire did have masters, but there wasn’t one around here. They thought that this troop that had Prince Fairenton who was an Eight-Star Warrior as its head commander would dominate over Dual-Flags City, but the appearance of the monster-like King of Chambord completely turned it around. Although there were more soldiers on Jax’s side, they lacked in the department of masters!

Right now, the prince even had to deal with a normal commander on the side of the enemies himself! To the generals on the side of Jax, this was a huge embarrassment for them.

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