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Hail the King Chapter 426.1

Chapter 426: Change (Part One)

Perhaps he also felt like he was being a bit too aggressive, Fairenton slowly added, “The situation we are facing aren’t you guy’s fault; it is the Military Headquarter that made the incorrect decisions. Therefore, don’t be too harsh on yourselves. Make sure that you all protect this command center.”

As he finished saying that and was about to walk out, one mid-aged man beside him suddenly said, “Junior Brother, since you are the Head Commander of this troop, you shouldn’t fight at a time like this. Let me help you.”

A thankful expression appeared on Fairenton’s face, but he still shook his head and said, “Their most powerful warrior, the King of Chambord, hasn’t shown himself yet. Please maintain your peak state and be ready for him.”

“Is this Alexander really that powerful?” the other mid-aged man asked.

“He is really powerful. He is able to defeat me with one strike, so he must be very close to the realm of Moon-Class. Two Senior Brothers, please don’t underestimate him,” Fairenton said.

“Since this is the case, we will wait for him,” the two mid-aged men respected this Junior Brother of theirs, and they listened to his words.

“Thanks, Senior Brothers.”

As Fairenton thanked the two mid-aged men and was about to attack, changes occurred again; noises came from the south side of the campsites.

A level 2 Sand Tiger appeared, and the scout on it jumped off and reported as he single-kneeled down, “Your Highness! 3,000 cavaliers of Zenit suddenly appeared to the south of us, and they are attacking us from the right!”

“Perfect!” Fairenton laughed as he looked at the south direction and said, “I thought this would happen. Tell the soldiers on the right not to move! Keep up the U-shape formation and trap the enemies! Tell General Dinak who is leading the soldiers in the middle formation to send 10,000 Sand Tiger Cavaliers to destroy these cavaliers of Zenit!”

“As you wish!”

That scout jumped back onto the horse and rushed towards General Dinak. Soon, a team of Sand Tiger Cavaliers separated off from the central formation and charged at the cavaliers of Zenit that newly appeared in the south.

Fairenton’s original plan was disrupted, and he didn’t get the chance to attack those 6,000 cavaliers of Zenit yet. As he was about to, something strange happened to those cavaliers.

After the initial ferociousness, those cavaliers of Zenit lost their momentum. The former No.1 Warrior of Chambord, Lampard, used a lot of his Warrior Energy as well, and the damage he could do significantly diminished. Although the 6,000 cavaliers were still charging forward, their speed was a lot slower.

If this trend continued, even if these 6,000 cavaliers could get through the defense line of Jax, 90% of them would be killed. Also, even if that 10 % of the cavaliers successfully charged through the defense line of Jax, they won’t have the opportunity to enter the city as the soldiers of Jax would chase after them.

“This team of cavaliers is done for…… this Head Commander of Zenit surely treats his soldiers like mud; he is willing to use these 6,000 elite soldiers as bait to buy time……” Fairenton was known for his love for his soldiers; he really did view them as precious human beings. However, after he sighed after the surprise, he thought for a while and commanded, “Pass my order! Circle these cavaliers and don’t kill them yet. They are still useful to me.”

As soon as he said that, another scout rushed towards him.

“Your Highness! The scouts in the desert reported the discovery of another troop of Zenit 2.5 kilometers away. There are 3,000 cavaliers and 10,000 infantrymen. They have a lot of heavy carts with supplies on them, and they are closing in!” that scout reported.

“Great! Continue the monitoring and report back to me when something changes!”

“As you wish!”

After Fairenton sent that scout away, he nodded in satisfaction. From the reports that he got, he gradually understood the plan of Zenit. He looked at the watchtower on the west gate of Dual-Flags City and thought, “Is that man there observing the battle as well? When is he going to move?”

The prince was really concerned about that man. He knew that the King of Chambord would cause a lot of trouble for him. If these two Senior Brothers of his weren’t here today, perhaps history would repeat itself, and this reinforcement of Zenit would easily enter Dual-Flags City just like what happened a few days ago.

“Although I have made several plans today and have the help from these two Senior Brothers, I probably still couldn’t kill the King of Chambord,” he thought.

At this moment, more noises sounded from the west side of the campsites. The flags of Zenit with the two-headed polar bear on them appeared with the dust.

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