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Hail the King Chapter 426.2

Chapter 426: Change (Part Two)

“Your Highness! Cavaliers of Zenit appeared to the west of us! They are charging towards us from the left,” another scout rushed over to report.

“Tell the soldiers on the left not to move! Keep up the U-shape formation and trap the enemies! Tell General Dinak to send another 10,000 Sand Tiger Cavaliers to stop these cavaliers of Zenit!” Fairenton ordered calmly; it seemed like all of this was within his expectations.

“Your Highness, we already sent out 20,000 soldiers. If we continue to split up soldiers from the formation in the middle, there would be less than 20,000 soldiers left! That isn’t a lot of soldiers! If those soldiers of Zenit 2.5 kilometers away merge with these 6,000 cavaliers and attack the middle formation, our soldiers might not be able to fend them off,” a commander beside Fairenton spoke up and expressed his worries.

“Don’t worry. I got it! We know that they already split out 12,000 cavaliers from their legion, and most of the soldiers in [Wolf Teeth Legion] now are infantrymen who have to protect the heavy and slow carts with supplies on them. How could they charge through our defense line?” with a confident smile on his face, he continued, “If all they could do is this, then they are too naive! Even if we only have 10,000 soldiers in the middle formation, as long as they could fend off the enemies for 15 minutes, the formations on the two sides would be able to close in and surround the enemies. By then, all of the reinforcement of Zenit would be trapped and killed in front of Dual-Flags City…… I’m worried that they won’t come!”

“So, this is why Your Highness didn’t move the troops to the east and battle with [Wolf Teeth Legion] head-on,” some of the commanders behind Fairenton realized the prince’s strategy.

The prince nodded and said, “Although our soldiers are brave and ferocious, there are more than 30,000 soldiers in [Wolf Teeth Legion] after all. We could win in a head-on battle, but we would suffer 800 causalities just to kill 1,000 enemies. And if the King of Chambord decided to raid us from behind, we would be in trouble. However, it would be a different situation if we play the defensive game. The reinforcement of Zenit needs to hurry and enter Dual-Flags City, and we could penalize them for this and take it slow. Unlike us, the soldiers of Zenit aren’t used to battling in the desert, and they might not even have the expertise to find water sources. Without solid defense walls and firm structures around them, the reinforcement of Zenit would lose morale in less than a week.”

There were a few things that Fairenton didn’t share.

Since Fei burned the majority of Jax’s food supplies, what they had now could only last all the soldiers two days even though the soldiers were consuming 30% less food. If they had to travel more and raid the enemies, the consumption of food would be too much. Also, with his Senior Brothers from Big Snow Mountain here, he was also planning to lure the King of Chambord out and kill or injure him. If everything went according to plan, he would let the reinforcement from Zenit to get through the defense line, and he would order all the soldiers of Jax to charge forward when Dual-Flags City opened up the gate. If the King of Chambord was tied down by those two Senior Brothers of his, he could even successfully conquer Dual-Flags City today.

“Your Highness, we have already put so many resources to the traps on the west side of Dual-Flags City. What if they decided to go into Dual-Flags City through the gate on the north?” someone asked.

Dual-Flags City only had two gates, one on the west side and one on the north side. The soldiers of Jax had surrounded the city from all three sides except north, and this was a strategy to shake up the minds of the people in Dual-Flags City and try to get them to escape. Even though everyone on the side of Jax knew about this, it would be a dangerous situation if their enemies used this “loophole”.

“The Head Commander of Zenit isn’t stupid, so he won’t do that.”

Fairenton shook his head.

Others might not know about it, but he was hoping that the reinforcement of Zenit would go through the north gate. A ton of magic arrays and magic traps had been set up there, and a few teams of elite soldiers were camping there in secrecy; it would be a hell on earth if their enemies went through that.

“The patience the King of Chambord is exhibiting is spectacular.”

Fairenton frowned and thought, “The King of Chambord isn’t going to make his move? Is he just going to let these 6,000 elite cavaliers die here?” he thought.

It was clear that the 6,000 cavaliers led by Lampard were all surrounded, and they slowed down significantly. Although they didn’t suffer a lot of causalities, it was because that the soldiers of Jax got their orders from Prince Fairenton. If the order changed, these soldiers of Jax could easily destroy these cavaliers of Zenit.

Suddenly, a scout rushed over on a level 2 Sand Tiger.

“Your Highness, that troop of Zenit with a ton of heavy carts was moving fast, but it suddenly stopped moving 500-meters from us!” the scout reported.

“500-meters away?” a light appeared in Fairenton’s eyes as if he thought of something. After he thought for a few seconds, he commanded, “Tell the middle formation to open a small path and let those 6,000 cavaliers get through……”

“Your Highness, this……” the commanders around him were all shocked.

“It is ok. We will let them go through slowly. Even if half of them get through, they would have a hard time entering the city with our men chasing after them. After all, if we aren’t willing to make this sacrifice, how could we lure in the main troop of [Wolf Teeth Legion]?”

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