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Hail the King Chapter 427.1

Chapter 427: How Dare You Challenge My King? (Part One)

“As you wish!”

Although the generals on the side of Jax were ferocious warriors, they weren’t stupid. A lot of them were experienced, and they instantly understood the prince’s intent.

Several commands were passed down, and the middle formation that locked down the 6,000 cavaliers opened up a narrow path subtly while tightening the formation in other places

Although Lampard wasn’t a great commander, his warrior’s instinct quickly discovered this change. After he roared, he charged towards that narrow path and tried to lead the cavaliers of Zenit through.

“Great!” Fairenton who was monitoring this area on the hill praised.

He was praising the soldiers of Jax.

Ever since Emperor Fuji inherited the throne 26 years ago during a troubled time, he was able to endure the pain and the shame and consolidate power to save the Jax Empire that was on the verge of collapse. Although these 60,000 soldiers of Jax weren’t the elite soldiers, the military orders were stilling being followed strictly! Even Prince Fairenton who just became the Head Commander of this troop was able to use the soldiers swiftly. This just went to prove how powerful the military of Jax was and how mighty Emperor Fuji was. To put it simply, Emperor Fuji was the only reason why the people of Jax dared to declare war against the Zenit Empire when Emperor Yassin was still alive.

Emperor Fuji was like the spiritual pillar of the Jax Empire, and he was the god in the eyes of the citizens of Jax.

Throughout the history of the Jax Empire, there had never been an emperor who had this much influence and was this well received by the people.

Even Fairenton who was an Eight-Star Warrior at a young age and had been training in the Cultivation Saint Land – Big Snow Mountain respected and admired his father who he only met twice in the last ten years.

The 6,000 cavaliers of Zenit were speeding up, and they were about to break through the defense line put up by the central formation of Jax.

The chilling light in Fairenton’s eyes glowed brighter and brighter!

“As long as the troop of Zenit 500-meters from here charges in and enters the trap that I have set up, I would be able to send out orders and close the trap. Once I destroy [Wolf Teeth Legion], Dual-Flags City would be an isolated city that is easy to conquer……” as the prince was thinking about that, a series of clip-clopping noises sounded, and sand grains flew into the air as if an earth dragon was flying in the sky.

In just a few seconds, a few Sand Tiger Cavaliers rushed in. They jumped off their mounts and single-kneeled as they reported, “Your Highness! General Kendo has an urgent report! The cavaliers of Zenit that were headed to the Death Ancient City have already entered the city!” the voices of those scouts were shaking.

As members of Jax, they knew about this Death Ancient City that stood in their territories for ages. Knowing that the cavaliers of Zenit actually passed through the red quicksand moat and the hundreds of millions of Berserk Metal-Eating Ants, they were all shocked.

“What?! How is that possible?” Fairenton was shocked as well. He quickly walked forward for a few steps, and he shouted, “How…… how did they enter?”

“Your Highness, when General Erdous and General Kendo arrived at the Death Ancient City, the soldiers of Zenit already entered it. We don’t know how they entered the city, but a lot of flags with the two-headed polar bear on them were fluttering on the watchtowers on the defense wall, and a lot of the soldiers of Zenit were patrolling around. General Erdous and General Kendo sent out 100 elite Sand Tiger Cavaliers to try to pass through the red quicksand moat, but…… but……” a terrified expression appeared on this scout’s face when he got to this part; it felt like he remembered something horrific.

Fairenton didn’t ask any more questions.

The combination of the quicksand moat and the Berserk Metal-Eating Ants was horrific, and he had seen it with his own eyes before. He knew that those 100 cavaliers didn’t end up living.

After sensing the silence in the air, that scout braved up and asked carefully, “Your Highness, General Erdous and General Kendo want to know what they should do next.”

Fairenton looked at the direction of Death Ancient City and felt funny. “The battle that was under my control is no longer clear…… something is outside of my calculations! What does this mean?” Fairenton quickly threw those thoughts out of his head and said, “Tell General Erdous and General Kendo to lead the Sand Tiger Cavaliers back immediately!”

“As you wish!” the scouts hopped back onto their mounts and dashed away.

“How could the cavaliers of Zenit enter Death Ancient City? Could it be…… Spatial Teleportation?”

Fairenton was very shocked by this news, and he immediately thought of spatial magic. However, he soon rejected this hypothesis. Spatial magic was scarce, and only the elite forces of the level 8 and level 9 empires could use Magic Teleportation Arrays. How could a small level 1 empire be able to have such rare strategic-level resources?

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  1. Mandorain

    i keep forgetting that all the empires we know about are still scrubs on the world stage.

  2. Ryuunokebab

    Why do I have a feeling that if MC used Spatial Teleportation then this Prince wouldn’t reject his guess and would be dead set that he was sure on it for no reason?? It really reminds me of a few novels where stuff like this happens frequently and authors uses ‘intelligent opponent’ as excuses.. sigh

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