Chapter 427: How Dare You Challenge My King? (Part Two)

At this moment, several scouts rushed back from all directions.

“Your Highness, the cavaliers of Zenit to the south of us ran away! We lost their traces……”

“Your Highness, the cavaliers of Zenit to the west of us also disappeared! We tried to chase after them, but they were too fast……”

“Your Highness, the troop of Zenit that was 500-meters away also disappeared…… our men discovered more than 40 rigged carts with a few tents, some tree branches, and non-valuable items on them……”

The more reports Fairenton got, the more shocked he was. A flash of lightning appeared in his head, and he immediately understood something. He looked at the 6,000 cavaliers of Zenit that was about to get through the central formation and shouted frantically, “Pass my order, pass my order! Kill them! Kill all of them!”

As if it was a response to the prince’s order, loud booming noises sounded on the battlefield. Silver lights lit up the region as cracking bolts of lightning appeared out of nowhere. Like grass under a sickle, the soldiers of Jax screamed as they were taken down. The last few cavaliers of Zenit successfully charged through the defense line of Jax and dashed towards Dual-Flags City.

“That…… that is…… that is a high-level Combat Technique! That man named Lampard is using his high-level Combat Technique! Isn’t he depleted of his Warrior Energy? What is going on? How is he capable of using such a powerful technique?” Fairenton looked at this former No.1 Warrior of Chambord and suddenly realized that he ignored something else.

The 6,000 cavaliers of Zenit suffered less than 10% causalities and somehow got through the central formation of Jax.

Not too far away, the metal gate of Dual-Flags City was being lowered. That ear-piercing metal creaking noise sounded like a mocking laugh in Fairenton’s ears.

Soon, the gate opened and was ready to let in these cavaliers. On top of the defense wall, the soldiers inside Dual-Flags City were cheering and clapping.

“Two Senior Brothers, please attack them!”

Fairenton understood the situation now. The members of [Wolf Teeth Legion] who needed to enter the city were these 6,000 cavaliers! There must be a lot of administrative staffs hidden among them! Under rush, Fairenton couldn’t think of anything else. He instantly asked those two Senior Brothers of his to attack. He wanted to force out the King of Chambord; if that happened and the King of Chambord was tied down by his Senior Brothers, there was still hope in conquering Dual-Flags City today! As long as the 60,000 soldiers of Jax charged towards the city when the gate was open, they could potentially have the victory.



The two mid-aged men dashed toward Dual-Flags City as they shouted, “Alexander, come out here and accept your death!”

A ton of Warrior Energy was embedded in the shouts, and their thunder-like voices instantly covered the noises made by the soldiers who were battling each other.

Master Warriors!

The two Master Warriors from Big Snow Mountain finally made their moves!

They were both fire-elemental warriors, and their energies were being fully unleashed. Red flames covered the sky, and the two of them looked like two red suns that were burning ferociously. As the temperature in the surroundings increased drastically, the desert became even less humid. Then, waves of Warrior Energies expanded outward and smashed onto the cavaliers of Zenit who were trying to make it into the city.

Boom! Boom!

The two of them punched out with their fists, and four fire dragons appeared and rushed forward. As the dragons roared and passed by, hundreds of cavaliers who were at the back of the team couldn’t dodge and were all hit. Their flesh and their mounts were turned into dust, and their metal armors and weapons were liquified.

Unimaginable power!

After seeing the strength of the warriors on their side, the soldiers of Jax cheered loudly.

“Pass my order! Tell all the soldiers to charge toward Dual-Flags City! The person who gets to the gate first and holds it open shall be rewarded with 10,000 gold coins, and he would be promoted up three levels!” Fairenton shouted, and all the soldiers of Jax were stimulated as they rushed forward.

“Aren’t you going to show yourself, King Alexander?”

The two Master Warriors from Big Snow Mountain landed on the ground and instantly leaped into the air again. Their Warrior Energies got even more aggressive, and everything around them started to burn; even several flags on the defense wall were on fire.

With supreme power, the two Master Warriors dashed towards the watchtower on the west gate.

All the soldiers of Zenit on the defense wall were stunned.

The invincible appearance of these two Master Warriors scared a lot of them; after all, a mighty warrior could even deter military forces!

Those nobles and their personal soldiers were almost crapping their pants; if Fei didn’t traumatize them, they would have turned around and run away.

The situation was very dangerous.

If those two Master Warriors got onto the defense wall, they would wipe out all the soldiers of Zenit in three seconds. Once they gained control of the mechanisms in the watchtower and opened the gate for the invaders of Jax, Dual-Flags City would be conquered……

“Hahaha! Where are you dogs from? How dare you challenge my king?”

At this moment, loud laughter sounded amongst the cavaliers who just entered the city. Then, as lightning flashed, a strong figure jumped up with his fists clenched. It seemed like the violent power of the lightning was within his control, and a ton of sparks and flashes of lights appeared around him.

This man’s powerful presence wasn’t weaker compared to those two Master Warriors from Big Snow Mountain!

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