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Hail the King Chapter 428.1

Chapter 428: So Many Powerful Warriors? (Part One)

“[Lighting Speed Fists]!”

A deep yet mighty shout sounded, and that figure who just jumped up pulled his fists back behind him. With this simple move, it seemed like he had grasped the lightning around him. When he punched out, a lightning bolt splashed out and created a series of lightning webs that cut the space into many small pieces.

The lightning bolt that was the size of a big python dashed towards the one of the two Master Warriors.

“Fangs of Fire!”

After seeing the life-threatening danger, that mid-aged man shouted as he made several hand signs. He was so fast that his hands left a series of afterimages in the air, and those afterimages together looked like a lotus that was blossoming. All of the fires in the sky suddenly consolidated into two sharp fangs, and they enveloped each of his fists.

Boom! He punched out, and those two fangs shot out.

A series of loud explosions sounded as the lightning bolt and the fire fangs collided, and the energy waves expanded outward from the center of the collision. The energy waves pushed the sand grains away, and the whirlwinds created by the crash were swirling around and were strong enough to shake the earth.

All of this happened in a split second, but one of the two Master Warriors from Big Snow Mountain was tied down and wasn’t able to attack the watchtower on the west gate.

At the same time, the other Master Warrior was also stopped.

An icy blue arrow dashed at this Master Warrior’s forehead. This arrow didn’t make any sound, and it couldn’t be sensed at all.

Magic arrow!

That mid-aged man was shocked.

As soon as he saw this arrow, he sensed the terrifying and murderous intent from it. He smelled death, but he felt like his body was already locked onto. Before the arrow even hit him, he already sensed a considerable amount of pain on his forehead, his body was chilling down, and he felt like his fire-elemental Warrior Energy was having issues traveling through his body.

Icy magic arrow was a great counter for fire-elemental Warrior Energy.

“Fire Blade!”

That mid-aged man shouted as he grasped his hand. All of the fire around him solidified and turned into a huge battle blade that was about six-meters long and had a ton of glowing magic arrays on it. When he chopped down with it, people felt like the sky and the earth were going to be chopped in half.


The fire blade and the icy magic arrow collided.

In the next moment, a ton of huge ice blocks fell onto the burning fire. There was a lot of vapor, and rainbows even appeared. In this battle between ice and fire, it was a draw.

As the four Master Warriors battled each other, four types of violent and destructive energies shot in all directions. The soldiers of Jax who were planning to charge forward were forced to stop. Some of the soldiers who were about 500-meters away from this battle were either burned to death, froze into ice, or struck into corpses.

“This…… how could there be so many Master Warriors on the side of Zenit?” Fairenton couldn’t believe his eyes.

Both of his Senior Brothers were fire elemental Nine-Star Warriors. After years of cultivation in Big Snow Mountain, their accumulation of Warrior Energies had far exceeded him. His master even said that both of these Senior Brothers of his could potentially become Moon-Class Elites in less than ten years.

These two Senior Brothers were the backbone of Big Snow Mountain. Fairenton thought that they were enough to handle the King of Chambord, and he would be able to seize the opportunity and conquer Dual-Flags City. However, before these two Senior Brothers of his could even make it into Dual-Flags City, they were stopped by other warriors……

“Who are they? Who the fu*k are they?” he thought.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions sounded in front of Dual-Flags City.

The lightings collided with the fangs of fire repeatedly, and they were even.

The icy blue arrows collided with the fire blade repeatedly, and they were even.

On one side, the two Master Warriors battled each other ferociously, and standard techniques and Combat Techniques were all used multiple times by both warriors. The tens of thousands of soldiers on both sides were stunned. They were all low-level soldiers, and they could never get to see a battle like this in their lifetime. Anyone who was less than the level of Three-Star couldn’t even see where the two Master Warriors were! All they could see were afterimages! As the residual forces from the collisions hit them, they felt like blades were cutting them, and they had to back off.

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