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Hail the King Chapter 428.2

Chapter 428: So Many Powerful Warriors? (Part Two)

On the other side, a beautiful figure was standing there firmly like a stone. As the magic energy surged around her, she shot out one arrow after another and perfectly countered the strikes of that fire blade. The temperature around her dropped, and the sound of ice forming resonated in the air.

However, as the ice block fell, they were instantly melted by the fire below them.

After each of the four Master Warriors gave a final attack, they stopped in unison.

Where they were fighting had fires burning on one side and an ice mountain standing on the other side.

Under the high heat from the fires and the lightning bolts, the sand in the area almost got turned into lava! The only thing keeping them in their original form was the coolness coming from the ice mountain.

“We didn’t expect to encounter Master Warriors like you guys in this remote location,” one man from Big Snow Mountain said with an earnest expression on his face as he looked at this man and woman.

“Which one of you is the King of Chambord?” the other man from Big Snow Mountain stepped forward and asked.

“You people of Jax aren’t qualified to challenge our king!” Lampard said as he stepped forward. He was showering in thick lightning, and he looked dominating.

At this moment, he had already summoned his Leo Constellation Star Saint Set. The black Saint Armor that had 108 magical components completely covered this tough man, and this black armor looked vicious but somehow also seemed like an art piece; it redefined what an armor could look like. The Star Saint Set perfectly fitted Lampard’s body, and it gave people the feeling that it was alive! The fanciness, haughtiness, and dominance of the Leo Constellation were completely demonstrated.

The lightning that was striking down from the sky was more than ten meters in diameter, and it enveloped Lampard. When the mask component of the Star Saint Set covered up Lampard’s face, the only thing on Lampard that was being revealed was his long red hair that was fluttering in the lightning. With the light from this lightning, people were finally able to see this man’s eyes; the lights that were shooting out of his eyes felt like two sharp blades, making people sensing the pain when he looked at them.

“I’m Frank Lampard, a Golden Saint Seiya under the King of Chambord’s command!” the Leo Saint Seiya stated his name.

Beside him, there stood a Valkyrie with long red hair as well.

She was wearing a light blue magic armor. Although an ordinary black mask covered her face, the gorgeous outline of her face still made many people wanting to worship her beauty. She was wearing a pair of red boots with magic arrays on them, and her magic armor only covered her thighs, her butt, her chest, and her shoulders. A portion of her beautiful legs, waist, and collar bones were revealed, and that was enough to make any man go nuts. On top of all that, she was also wearing a pair of long and black translucent gloves, and that emphasized her pretty hands that were handling the bow and the arrows.

It felt like the gods gave the best features of a woman to her, and she was an unparalleled beauty.

However, the people in the area didn’t dare to have any wrong ideas; this girl standing on the ice mountain made a lot of them feel a chill in their spines! After all, this girl was able to defend against the strikes from a Master Warrior from Big Snow Mountain!

“Chambord, Elena,” with no emotions on her face, Elena told everyone who she was.

The two Master Warriors from Big Snow Mountain looked at each other in unison; they were shocked. “Both of these powerful warriors are subordinates of King Alexander? What kind of monster is King Alexander? From the look of things, it seems like he is even more powerful than these two!” they thought.

Far away on the sand hill, Prince Fairenton was dumbfounded!

“How is this possible? Senior Brother Anita and Eino are both Nine-Star Warriors from Big Snow Mountain! They used all of their strength, and they are still blocked? But…… since when did Lampard and Elena become so powerful? From the intelligence report I got from the Military Headquarter not too long ago, it stated that one of them is a Four-Star Warrior and the other one is a Six-Star Warrior. What happened in the last few weeks? With the help of these two and the King of Chambord who hadn’t even shown himself yet, how could I conquer Dual-Flags City?” he thought.

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  4. “I’m Frank Lampard, a Golden Saint Seiya under the King of Chambord’s command!” the Leo Saint Seiya stated his name.

    You just said you would not use Seiya after their names when referring to individuals

    He should just be a Golden Saint

    • sonnzz

      Exactly, it’s been many chapters since the announcement but still using the Saint Seiya thing… Seiya is the name of the MC, not part of the title. Should be Golden Saints, Silver Saints, Bronze Saints, etc. Even the Divine tier could work later on.

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