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Hail the King Chapter 429.1

Chapter 429: Shocking Strength Increase (Part One)

The two Master Warriors from Big Snow Mountain were already concerned.

The gate of Dual-Flags City was right in front of them, but they couldn’t move forward anymore.

They thought that even if the King of Chambord was as powerful as their Junior Brother Fairenton said to be, they could still take care of him. However, they couldn’t even take care of two of King Alexander’s subordinates!

Only a master could understand another master! After battling their opponents for a while, Anita and Eino could already tell that this man and this woman weren’t a lot weaker than them! It would be hard for them to win in a short time. In terms of challenging the King of Chambord? They would need to use the majority of their Warrior Energies to defeat these two warriors in front of them, so it would be impossible for them to battle the King of Chambord after that.

After Fairenton gave another command, the bugle sounded, and the soldiers of Jax backed off a little.

What was happening completely ruined this prince’s plan, and the influence mighty warriors had on wars was demonstrated again.

Fairenton looked at the watchtower on the west gate of Dual-Flags City from afar, and he was feeling all sorts of emotions.

Although there were a ton of people standing on top of the defense wall and he couldn’t see if the King of Chambord was standing with them, the deterrent factor was there. When facing this king, he felt like the Combat Techniques and the military strategies that he was proud of couldn’t be used! He felt restrained when he first met Fei, and that feeling worsened over time.

At this moment, the 5,000 cavaliers of Zenit that survived through the battle finally got into Dual-Flags City.

The last person who entered the city was riding a level 4 Roaring Flame Beast. With his hands on the rein, he looked through the gate and at the battlefield.

This person was also carrying a shorter and thinner person in his arms.

This person was a female! She was wearing a delicate helmet with the T-shaped guard on the front and a female armor. Her white and smooth skin was somewhat exposed, and her long black hair showed itself at the back of the helmet.

“Ok, Angela! You can open your eyes now! Are you scared?”

Fei lightly pulled on the rein and turned his mount around. As he looked at the battle between the four Master Warriors, he took off Angela’s helmet and asked.

“No! Alexander, I’m not scared as long as you are around me,” although she was saying that, her eyes were still tightly shut. Perhaps it was due to the toughness of actually riding on the Roaring Flame Beast, she was sweating a whole lot due to the nervousness even though Fei was protecting her, but that also made her look cute.

After she said that, she slowly opened her eyes and tried to convince Fei that she was telling the truth.

“Alexander, are we through the defense line of the enemies?”

Fei laughed and kissed his fiancée’s white cheek. He murmured into her ear, “Of course! We are already inside the city.”

As the cranking noises and metal-gliding noises sounded, Angela finally let go of the breath she was holding in and fully opened her eyes. She looked up at Fei with proudness in her eyes as she said, “Alexander, this counts as me fighting alongside you, right? I went on the battlefield with you, and I’m a brave queen.”

Fei laughed.

The few weak females including Angela, Emma, the four maids, and the lazy [Fallen Princess] Victoria all got into the city, and they were all hiding inside this team of cavaliers.

Fei was planning to send them to Death Ancient City; that way, they won’t be in danger, and they didn’t need to see the bloody and horrifying scenes on the battlefield where blood, limbs, and corpses were everywhere. However, for the first time, Angela disagreed with Fei and wanted to stay by his side.

Since Death Ancient City had been unoccupied for hundreds of years and Dual-Flags City had a lot more facilities, Fei decided to bring his fiancée and the girls into Dual-Flags City alongside the administrative staffs.

With only 6,000 cavaliers, it should be almost impossible for them to get through the defense line of Jax since quite a lot of them were administrative staffs who didn’t know how to fight. However, under the strategies and planning of old Aryang, they got through with only about 500 to 1000 casualties. If the cavaliers were more coordinated, the number of death and injuries would be even less.

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  1. Mal Halos

    Nice to see he’s willing to sacrifice 1000 men just so his useless fiance can get her way.

    • ForgetMe

      Have you read the chapter or have you just skimmed? Cuz it seems you’ve skimmed. They were going to go into the city either way it’s just that his fiance also wanted to come along. Next time read the chapter thoroughly before you make any criticisms.

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