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Hail the King Chapter 43

Chapter 43: We Need to Initiate the Attack

Fei knew he was the center of attention. He smiled gently at the anxious soldiers and new recruits, calming them down. He beckoned to Pierce and Brook, calling them over to the watchtower. He didn’t acknowledge Oleg who was trying get his attention, and Head Minister Bazzer who wasn’t too far away either.

It was a rather clear signal; even the farmers who knew nothing about politics understood that the two former powerful figures, Bazzer and Oleg had lost the king’s appreciation and trust.

“Brook, tell me about the enemies’ movements.” Fei asked as he looked at the crowd of enemies on the bridge. He stood beside a battlement and touched the marks left there by the swords and lances.

“You majesty, during the past four hours that you were resting, the enemies didn’t move at all for some reason…… they didn’t even harass us with any fake attacks. It’s almost as if they are waiting for something, but……” Brook pointed behind the enemies. His voice was filled with worry, “They have moved their last three siege ladders and sieging equipment that they made in the last couple days onto the bridge. They are fully prepared, and there are even more enemy soldier participating in this siege compared to the previous battle. Once they decide to attack, we will be in an extremely dangerous situation.”

Fei looked at the place that Brook was pointing at. There were some major changes in the enemy formation –

The tower shield formation was still at the very front, protecting all the enemies behind it using a huge black wall. It was only steps away from the north bank of the Zuli River, where Chambord Castle was located.

However, the formations behind it were very different –

The archers, spearmen and swordsmen formations had moved back, and in their place were the three siege ladders which the enemies had moved onto the bridge. Behind the siege ladders, there were four or five giant wooden walls made out of wet, green trees to block off arrows. Even further away, there were six seventy feet (20m) tall trebuchets that were protected by the stronger enemy warriors……

Fei’s pupils quickly contracted when he saw that. The six trebuchets were lethal siege machines. They were much more threatening than the siege ladders. Once they got within 200 yards (m) of the defensive wall, regardless of how firm and strong the defensive wall was, it would be blown apart. The defensive wall of Chambord and the less than one thousand soldier army would be wiped out in less than twenty boulder throws by the trebuchets.

The enemy’s commander had definitely put a lot of resources into this siege, so he wanted to conquer Chambord Castle today.

“Those wooden walls were made in a rush, and there are still green leaves on the wood. However, the six trebuchets couldn’t have been made quickly, but they’ve never appeared in the sieges before…… Did the enemies get some reinforcements?”

Fei licked his lip subconsciously as he thought about that.

There was no way that Chambord could defend against that. Once the enemies began their siege, the wooden walls could easily block the rain of arrows and get the trebuchets into range. Chambord seemed to be doomed. This was an unequal warfare.

Aside from the huge gap in the strength between the enemies and them, the enemy’s commander was also very careful and sneaky. He knew that Chambord didn’t have too many soldiers, so he focused on that weakness. Brook and the others couldn’t come up with any strategies that could break open the ‘cage’ that Chambord was in.

Fei frowned as he evaluated the situation. Brook was observing Fei’s expression. He was about to say something, but he held himself back.

“Say what you want to say. As the future general commander of Chambord, hesitating doesn’t look good.” Fei noticed Brook’s behaviour and joked.

Brook got really close to Fei and whispered into his ears, “Your majesty……maybe……We can’t defend this one. I’m willing to stay behind with the soldiers to try to defend against the enemies and buy more time. Please let Mr. Lampard and Pierce take a team of elite soldiers to protect you and Ms. Angela to leave Chambord from the back mountain…..”


Fei shook his head and rejected Brook’s suggestion before he even finished. He didn’t say a single word more, but just from his rejection and him shaking his head, Brook and Pierce felt the young king’s determination. No matter what was going to happen, the king wouldn’t back down nor flinch. Fei’s expression excited and pleased the two, but it also made them really anxious.

“We can’t wait any longer; we need to initiate an attack.” Fei said as he tapped the battlement with his finger.

This sentence was as shocking as thunder, and ‘exploded’ in their ears.

“Initiate an attack?”

Brook and Pierce were stunned. What did initiating an attack under such circumstances, with so few soldiers, most with no formal training mean? It meant that Fei was giving up on the terrain advantage and planning to attack the enemies, like smashing a hard rock with an apple pie……The fate of the apple pie could easily be determined.

“Your majesty, is……won’t that be too risky?” Brook was trying to get Fei to change his mind.

“There is no time.” Fei shook his head as he said decisively. “If I’m not wrong, the enemies will attack right after lunch……The only way for us to survive in this war is to think of the unimaginable and do the unexpected. If we wait any longer, the enemies will begin the siege, and the only thing we will face is death.”

Fei slowly looked at the two as he said that.

Looking at the confused expressions of the two warriors, Fei said, “What do you think, my warriors? Do you guys have the courage to go with me and send all those bastards into the Zuli River so they can take the last bath of their lives?”

The question was as simple as asking for his friends’ opinions.

At that very moment, Brook and Pierce felt like the blood in their bodies was on fire.

“Your majesty, it’s our honour!” Their voices trembled as they responded.

“Alright, I need you guys to do something……Brook, go and tell all the soldiers to rest. Remember, only keep a couple smart ones to watch the enemies’ actions…… Also, go find twenty reliable and loyal strong men and bring them to me. Pierce, you go and get these for me……”

Fei whispered into Pierce’s ear, and the white haired tough guy left in confusion. After they left, Fei stood quietly on the defensive wall. He repeated and organized all the things that he needed to pay attention to in upcoming operation in his mind, and then turned around and walked to his left.

He walked to the number one warrior of Chambord, under the gazes of all the soldiers.

“Your Majesty!” Lampard nodded.

The number one warrior who was normally cold to Fei had finally lowered his guard and proactively talked to him.

Fei knew that his series of heroic feats had gained the trust and respect of this ‘master’. Lampard had protected the peace of Chambord and stabilized the retarded Alexander’s throne by his individual strength; Fei was very grateful for that. Fei also heard that Lampard was the closest friend of the old king, so he Fei’s elder as well.

“Uncle Lampard, I have something that requires your assistance.” Fei was very polite.

Lampard looked at Fei, and then turned around to look at the black flood of enemies. He was silent for a couple second, but then asked, “You want me to help you destroy those trebuchets, right? I only have about thirty to forty percent confidence in destroying two or three of them……”

“Destroy the trebuchets?”

Fei was surprised, but he quickly understood what Lampard was thinking. He shook his head and said seriously, “Uncle Lampard, that’s not what I am asking……Eh, it’s like this. I’m going to leave the castle and attack the enemies soon, so I want you to stay on the defensive wall and stabilize the situation here. If I end up dying, I want you to take care of Angela for me. Please protect her and Emma and leave Chambord safely.”

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