Chapter 430: Who Is It For? (Part One)

Although Lampard’s strength increase was shocking and full of mysteries, Fei was glad to see that.

Fei had a lot of trust in this man who was like brothers with the old king and was like his uncle. Even though Lampard didn’t talk much, Fei could sense the caring attitude this man had towards him.

Unlike the care originated from respect and loyalty such as the case of Pierce and Drogba, Lampard was more like an elder who wasn’t good at expressing his emotions and was watching over Fei.

When Alexander was still an idiot, almost all the officials and nobles in Chambord were against him, and the Head Minister even tried to overthrow him. If Lampard didn’t protect Alexander back then, Fei couldn’t have had the opportunity to travel to this universe.

Besides, everyone had their secrets. Fei wasn’t someone who wanted to control all aspects of others’ lives, and this man was like an uncle to him.

Currently, Lampard was a mid-tier Eight Star Warrior. But with the empowerment from the Star Saint Set and the Star Energy this set pulled from the sky, his defense was on another level. With all these considered, his combat ability was also on the level of Nine-Star, and he wasn’t at a significant disadvantage against this Nine-Star Warrior from Big Snow Mountain.

Fei could tell that Lampard was very experienced.

Usually, when a warrior suddenly got a lot of new power, he or she would have a hard time controlling it. As a result, they would lose to warriors who were on the same level but had more battle experiences. However, that wasn’t the case for Lampard. His control of his Eight-Star Warrior Energy was almost close to perfection! He gave Fei the feeling that he wasn’t new to this; Fei felt like Lampard had been an Eight-Star Warrior for more than ten years!

In fact, after some time, that Nine-Star Warrior from Big Snow Mountain was the one who fell into a disadvantage.

“Win! Win! Win! Win!”

More and more soldiers and commanders of Zenit who were standing on the defense wall swung their weapons and roared. With adrenaline rushing through their bodies, excitement appeared on their faces, and they felt like fires were flowing through their blood vessels instead of blood!

From the fear they felt when the two Master Warriors on the side of Jax showed up to the relief they felt when Lampard and Elena stopped them and to the excitement they felt when they found that these two Master Warriors who stopped the enemies were subordinates of King Alexander…… that emotional roller coaster was making them go crazy.

“We have Master Warriors too!”

“King Alexander is so powerful!”

A lot of the soldiers on the side of Zenit were thinking of the same thing, “Since the subordinates of King Alexander could stop these two powerful enemies, then King Alexander could easily take care of them, right?”

Although Fei only arrived here less than ten days ago, the series of events and incidents made the soldiers and residents in Dual-Flags City glorify Fei; he was almost a god in their minds.

At this time, the battle between the four Master Warriors reached the climax.

They were on two separate battlefields. Although they weren’t attacking each other that fast anymore, each strike contained a lot more power! Any movements made by them could cause a landslide, an avalanche, or a tsunami; the amount of damage that could be dished out by them was almost beyond the understanding of the ordinary people and soldiers.

Numerous magic symbols and glares flashed on the black defense wall of Dual-Flags City. The residual energy from the battle between the four Master Warriors hit the defense wall repeatedly, and the magic arrays on the defense wall and in the city automatically activated themselves to protect against it. Without these magic arrays, the defense wall that was more than 200-meters tall would have collapsed a long time ago.

This world was built on the Magic Civilization, and the power of magic would be demonstrated in wars the best.

As time passed by, the sun moved to the center of the sky.

A smile appeared on Fei’s face as the scale of victory was tilting towards Zenit.

After being strengthened by the [Hulk Potion], the toughness of Lampard’s body and the size of his Warrior Energy Channels were a lot better than his opponent. With the help of his Star Saint Set and the Star Energy, he outlasted his opponent as it looked like his opponent was about to run out of Warrior Energy.

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