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Hail the King Chapter 431.1

Chapter 431: Arrogance (Part One)

Far away on a sand hill where it was protected by tens of thousands of soldiers of Jax, there stood the commanding flag of the troops.

Not sure when, but the person standing directly below it wasn’t Fairenton; instead, it was someone who Fei never met before.

This person wasn’t tall nor short, and he wasn’t fat nor thin. He was wearing a red robe and standing there quietly as he observed the battle. However, it seemed like there was a thin layer of fog around him as no one could clearly see his face. As his robe flattered in the wind and made a series of flapping sound, it gave people the feeling that he was really close yet really far; it seemed like the law of space didn’t work on him. The high-level commanders who were closer to him tried their best trying to remember this man. But it doesn’t matter how hard they tried, they would forget about him entirely in the next second.

Fairenton was also not standing right behind this man.

Two young men were standing behind this man; they were wearing red robes as well. The older one looked like he was around 28 years old. He had all the features of the people of Jax; he had a big beard, long curly hair, and high cheekbone. His eyes were sharp, and energetic lights flashed in his eyes.

This man felt like a sharp blade that was being kept in a sheath as he was powerful yet reserved. The younger one out of the two looked like he was about 20 years old. He was a lot taller and bigger than ordinary people of Jax. He had blonde hair, green eyes, and white skin. Although he looked somewhat handsome, he appeared gloomy and aggressive.

These three men were standing below the commanding flag, replacing Fairenton.

Fairenton was now standing behind them respectfully as surprise and joy appeared on his face. However, there were deeper and more complex emotions that were well hidden in his eyes.

“I didn’t expect there to be so many masters in Dual-Flags City,” that young man with the beard and the curly hair looked at the four warriors of Chambord who stopped his two Junior Brothers and said with a surprised tone, “No wonder you and the 60,000 soldiers are stopped here for more than five days.”

“Senior Brother Modoc, the most powerful warrior on their side, King Alexander, hasn’t shown himself yet,” Fairenton said respectfully as he looked at this man with admiration. If Fei was here, he would know that Fairenton was referring to this man that day.

“Huh! King Alexander? What a joke! I can kill him easily with only one of my fingers! Junior Brother Fairenton, you are being stopped by these trashes? You are putting shame onto our Big Snow Mountain,” the other young man who looked a bit gloomy laughed, but his tone was arrogant and was filled with disdain.

As soon as he said that, the commanders of Jax around Fairenton got angry immediately.

However, Fairenton didn’t get mad. He waved and stopped his generals from shouting. Then, with a smile on his face, he said, “King Alexander is a powerful warrior. Senior Brother Tony, although you are one of the few geniuses in our Big Snow Mountain, you might not be able to defeat the King of Chambord!”

That gloomy young man named Tony turned around and stared at Fairenton like a vicious beast as a murderous aura appeared. After a while, he sneered, “Are you trying to make me fight him? Don’t think that I couldn’t see through your tricks! Remember, your status as the prince is worthless in my eyes! Don’t ever try to play tricks with me again! However, I will kill that King of Chambord today just to prove that you are always inferior to me!”

After he said that, he disappeared from where he was standing.



Outside Dual-Flags City, the ten warriors were still battling viciously.

“[Scarlet Needles]! – Seventh Needle!”

As the wind blew by him, Cech stopped moving his feet and pointed out with one of his fingers.

At that moment, it seemed like the spatial and temporal sensation got twisted. The metal pieces that protected Cech’s finger extended outward and struck the shoulder of the Nine-Star Warrior he was fighting with like the tail of a scorpion.

“Sh*t!” that warrior’s face changed color as his body shivered.

The insane amount of pain caused his facial muscles to twitch uncontrollably, and his body was then numbed. He even felt like his Warrior Energy couldn’t travel inside his body correctly.

Before this, he was struck six times.

Every single time he got hit, the pain increased.

He could even sense that his body’s condition was worsening; he felt like he had aged for many years in just a few minutes.

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    So 1 bro from big snow mountain. Does not include his entourage I suppose.

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    Oh sh*t, that must be the martial saint of jax empire

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