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Hail the King Chapter 433.1

Chapter 433: With a Smile (Part One)

“King Alexander!”

“King Alexander!!”

“King Alexander!!!”

The people of Zenit cheered and shouted Fei’s name.

The blood inside their bodies was ignited by what they saw.

The Legion Commander of [Wolf Teeth Legion] defeated the Moon-Class Elite! It was like a legend! “Our Legion Commander is stronger than this Moon-Class Elite?” this thought made a lot of people inside Dual-Flags City feel dizzy; they were so excited that their heads turned blank, and the only thing they knew how to do was to cheer Fei on. That was the only way for them to vent their emotions!

On the other hand, the soldiers of Jax fell into an unprecedented state of silence.

The battle between Master Warriors could shift the morale of the soldiers quickly.

It was obvious that the King of Chambord defeated the four Nine-Star Warriors and the Moon-Class Elite of Jax, and that shocked the vicious soldiers of Jax! Their morale was dropping at an insane speed, and this hammer onto their confidence was deadly!

Fairenton who was standing beside the commanding flag of Jax was shocked to an extreme!

“King Alexander…… could fight a Moon-Class Elite?” his understanding of Fei completely changed. He thought of Fei as his nemesis, but he realized that was an understatement.

This prince felt numb…… He felt like he was a rat who was fighting against a dragon; he thought this dragon was only more massive than him, but this dragon immediately spit out a fire that could destroy everything!

“Nice!” the head disciple in Big Snow Mountain, Modoc, was surprised as well, and he ended up commenting on the situation with one word. However, Fairenton didn’t know what he meant.

This prince then suppressed his shock and looked at his master who was standing on the peak of the hill.

Too bad that layer of fog was still surrounding him. It felt like lights were all bent when they traveled through this layer of fog, and no one could see what this man looked like and if there were any expressions on his face. His presence was always calm; like a bottomless abyss, no one could sense what was going on deep down.

However, Fairenton was sensing something strange right now.

He felt like his master who he only met three times in the last 20 years was moved!

Fairenton forced himself not to gasp as he waved his hand to stop the commanders of Jax from talking with each other. With an indescribable attitude as if he was an outsider, he continued to watch the battle.

Although the King of Chambord brought him a lot of surprises, he believed that the king was going to die anyway! After all, his master was here!

In the meanwhile, Fairenton started to think about another question –

“Why is my master who hadn’t left Big Snow Mountain for 20 plus years here? He came to this desert with his two most talented disciples, Senior Brother Modoc, and Senior Brother Tony……”

He didn’t think that his master was here to help him win the war.

He knew clearly that this cruel war happening between Jax and Zenit was a child play in the eyes of his master. Even though the people of Jax had endured shame for more than 20 years and this war was crucial to the future of Jax, his master wasn’t interested in helping.


“You dirty dog! I will kill you! I will kill all the bastards in Dual-Flags City! I will slit your throat and fill you up with the blood of your loved ones!” Tony who was handsome looked wicked at this moment as his facial muscles twisted and twitched. Like a beast, he roared and expressed his murderous intent as he approached Fei.

Fei was only looking at his swords and ignored Tony.

The king was experiencing how Moon-Class Elites battled.

According to rumors, a warrior would undergo a complete upgrade once he or she reached Moon-Class. On top of the change in the quality of Warrior Energy, the bones, the cells, and the organs in their bodies would become stronger as well! It was more than just a boost in strength; it was an elevation in life energy!

Ordinary people on the Azeroth Continent lived around 100 years, but Moon-Class Elites could live for 300 years as long as they didn’t get killed in battles.

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