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Hail the King Chapter 433.2

Chapter 433: With a Smile (Part Two)

Any simple strike of a Moon-Class Elite was as powerful as the High-level Combat Technique used by Star-level Warriors. The Moon-Class Elites like close-range combat more, but they could quickly destroy Star-level Warriors if these warriors dared to use any long-range techniques.

Although Fei only fought Tony for a few minutes, he made a lot of discoveries.

The king could tell that his body under Barbarian Mode was even more robust than the body of a Moon-Class Elite! The direct effect of a tougher body was that he could take on the destructive strikes of Moon-Class Elites, and his enemies might be actually harmed by the repulsive force of their own attacks.

After Fei gave quite a few points into the skill [Sword Mastery], his understanding of swords reached another level. Although he didn’t have systemic techniques, his strikes were more random and harder to predict! It was actually more dangerous in the eyes of Moon-Class Elites.

One thing for sure was that Fei had a dominating advantage over Moon-Class Elites who were under level 5 low-tier New Moon. Although he hadn’t become a Moon-Class Elite yet, his level 99 Barbarian was just too mighty!

This Tony was only a level 1 low-tier New Moon Warrior, so Fei was able to play around with him easily.

Also, Fei found out that this young man from Big Snow Mountain seemed to have taken some mysterious potions and barely got into the realm of Moon-Class. This young man’s foundation was weak, so he wasn’t technically even a level 1 low-tier New Moon Warrior yet! Challenging Fei from that position was like committing suicide.


They battled again.

This time, Fei didn’t hold back his strength.

[Leap Attack]!

One of the vital Barbarian skills that Ancient Korlic was known for was shown in this world for the first time! Fei and his swords became one, and the extremely powerful strike was used!

Tony’s pupils contracted instantly.

His eyes reflected the shining blades of Fei, and he only had the time to raise his Combat Weapons to block.

He immediately sensed the indefensible energy passing into his body from his weapons, and his Moon-Class Warrior Energy got torn through like a piece of paper.

“Puff…. Ah!” he was knocked into the air like a punching bag, and he puked up a mouthful of blood when he landed on the ground and created a deep pit. He couldn’t believe it!

Fei instantly chased after him and placed his swords on Tony’s neck.

The chilling lights reflecting off of the blades shined on Tony’s face, and goosebumps instantly appeared on this arrogant young man’s body.

“You…… Hahahaha…… Hahahahah! Do you dare to kill me?” a craziness and resentment appeared in his eyes as he suddenly started to laugh.

Fei frowned but didn’t chop through using his blades.

Because at that moment, a vague aura targeted him! He felt like he was being locked onto by the man standing under the commanding flag of Jax, and he felt like even his soul was shivering out of fear uncontrollably as if he was being stared at by a huge dragon.

He knew for sure that he would face a terrifying strike if he killed this young man, and he knew that he couldn’t defend against it yet.

Also, he knew that he probably wouldn’t be able to kill this young man if he wanted to; that man standing under the flag was just too powerful!

After a moment of pause, Fei smiled.


He slapped Tony’s face using the back of his blades, and this gloomy young man was instantly knocked out as blood spilled.

Then, Fei dragged him out of the pit and threw him in front of the four Nine-Star Warriors from Big Snow Mountain who were scared to death. Then, those four warriors carried Tony back to the campsites of Jax in a hurry.

After that was done, Fei pointed his swords at the ground, smiled, and looked at that cool and terrifying figure standing under the commanding flag.

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    damn, thought fei could easily stomp them all, even their master. guess he is still too weak right now

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