Chapter 434: Bladestorm (Part One)

“Master……” the four Nine-Star Warriors went back to the sand hill. With shameful expressions on their faces, they kneeled down after placing Tony beside them.

The man in red waved his hand, and a dash of the fire was injected into Tony’s body.

In the next second, all of the injuries in Tony’s body were healed. His pores emitted a translucent mist, and he finally woke up. As soon as he saw the man in red, he kneeled down and shouted as he pointed at Fei who was standing there with blades in his hands, “Master! That damn b-----d embarrassed me on purpose! Please kill him for me!” he looked very vicious when he said that.

Modoc and Fairenton looked at each other and didn’t say anything.

“You are still too anxious. You just advanced into the realm of Moon-Class, and your foundation isn’t firm. Losing this battle would only do good for you in the long run,” that man in red finally spoke; his voice was normal, and it wasn’t distinguishable. He continued, “Even a Star-level Warrior could defeat you, so I’m sure you learned your lesson. It is ok that you brought shame to Big Snow Mountain; if you don’t be careful and respect your opponents, you will lose your life one day.”

“Master, I know I made a mistake…… but that King of Chambord is still too arrogant! Please kill him!” Tony kowtowed as he said with vicious lights in his eyes.

It was obvious that he didn’t listen to the man in red’s advice.

“I won’t kill him for you. Once you get strong enough, you should go and wash away the shame yourself; that is what a warrior should do,” the man in red shook his head and suddenly said coldly, “Back off now! Reflect on this for a day and work on firming your foundations.”

As he was speaking, that fog was still covering his face; even a Moon-Class Elite couldn’t see through it. In fact, not a lot of people had seen this man’s face in the last 20 years.

After hearing the words coming from the man in red, an unwilling expression appeared on Tony’s face. However, he didn’t dare to go against his master’s words, so he stared at Fei for the last time before he went into a tent in the campsites of Jax.

“You four, go back and heal up as well,” the man in red waved his hands and sent those warriors away. After hearing the command, the four Nine-Star Warriors left quickly in relief.

“Master, allow me to defeat that man and redeem our Big Snow Mountain!” after a moment of silence, Modoc stepped forward and asked.

Fairenton clenched his fists after hearing that.

Modoc was the head disciple of this man in red, and he had the blood of Jax running inside of him. He was valiant and composed; as a new star in the cultivation world in Jax, he was the person who was most likely to take over the role of the Martial Saint of Jax, and he was admired and respected by Fairenton. Compared with Tony who was anxious and superficial, this Modoc had been a Moon-Class Elite for many years. In Fairenton’s eyes, this Senior Brother of his could for sure defeat the King of Chambord.

“You aren’t his match, back off,” the man in red said.

His words surprised both Modoc and Fairenton.

“What? Master said that…… Even Senior Brother Modoc couldn’t defeat the King of Chambord?…… how is this possible? But…… Alexander is only a Star-level Warrior, but he is able to dominate over Moon-Class Elite? How?” Fairenton felt like his head went blank. After thinking back to the meeting between him and Fei, Fairenton was glad that he had the status of a prince. Otherwise, Fei could have easily killed him.

“Yes, master,” Modoc didn’t question his master’s judgment, and he didn’t feel like his ego was being poked. With a respectful expression on his face, he backed off and stood behind the commanding flag of Jax.

At this moment, this man in red stepped forward

This shocked Modoc and Fairenton; this meant that their master was going to battle the King of Chambord himself!

Fei, who was standing on the battlefield with his swords, instantly sensed the pressure. He felt like a mountain was falling down at him, and the world in his eyes dimmed. For a moment, Fei even had a hard time breathing.

Elena, who was standing behind Fei, walked up and stood shoulder by shoulder with him. She didn’t say anything, but the surging Magic Energy around her told everyone her intention.

Now, the cheers coming from Dual-Flags City stopped.

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