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Hail the King Chapter 434.2

Chapter 434: Bladestorm (Part Two)

All the warriors and soldiers were carefully observing the situation.

Everyone felt the invisible pressure; they knew that the most critical moment was here. Although most of the soldiers didn’t know where this invisible pressure, that even made the invincible Legion Commander King Alexander serious, came from, they knew that this battle was going to determine the fate of Dual-Flags City.

The wind blew by, and the sands flew in the air.

The battlefield with tens of thousands of soldiers on it was silent. At this moment, almost everyone could hear the pumping of their own hearts, the flowing of their blood, and the swallowing of their drools.

It was a terrifying silence.

It was the type of silence that was held before the judgment day.

Suddenly, multiple flames in different colors appeared on Fei’s body. He unleashed the strength of his level 99 Barbarian, and all of his level 6 items were appearing; the red armor, the black arm guards, the orange metal boots, the green belt, and the golden crown-like helmet all showed.

Although Fei’s Barbarian Items weren’t the best level 7 Items but were random level 6 Items, they were the best that he had.


[Bul-Kathos’ Children] replaced the two strangely-shaped Combat Weapons.

With the help of magic items, Fei was standing at his peak.

At this moment, that man in red standing more than 2,000 meters away raised his hands and lightly pushed out.

There weren’t any Warrior Energy Flames, there weren’t any huge noises, and there were any storms.

After that man pushed out his hands, all the hair on Fei’s body stood up. He sensed an unprecedented danger, and he instantly used his most powerful sword technique without thinking!


This was the sword technique that Fei got from Ancient Talic on the summit of Mount Arreat; it was the most powerful sword technique of the Barbarians.

As soon as Fei used that technique, his body turned fuzzy and vague. His dual-swords created numerous afterimages and a bladestorm. The swords roared, and the sword energies shooting out of them formed a spectacular phenomenon! Afterward, these sword energies dashed towards that man in red in the form of a tornado; they were so flashy that they even stole the light from the sun.

Ancient Talic was the most power Ancient out of the three Ancients, and his skill [Whirlwind] was the most powerful skill of the Barbarians.

After Fei successfully defeated Talic, he inherited all of Talic’s understanding and experience points on this skill. After Fei used it in the real world, it was like Ancient Talic traveling through space and time and using this skill in this world himself. Besides, Fei’s strength was more powerful than Ancient Talic in Normal Mode, so the power of [Whirlwind] was even stronger!

This strike was the most powerful strike Fei was capable of.

However, that wasn’t enough.

After the sword energies from this strike traveled for more than 500 meters, they started to slow down. Soon, as if they were stuck in an invisible swamp, all these sword energies froze in mid-air.

In just a second, these sword energies that could each kill a Nine-Star Warrior couldn’t hold up against that invisible hand, and they shattered and disappeared in the air.

It was a scene beyond anyone’s imagination.

The process was fancy yet strange. As if they were watching a slow-motion movie, everyone clearly saw what happened.

Sword energies continued to dash towards that man in red, and they were destroyed one after another.

That invisible hand continued to proceed forward slowly but steadily. As if a heavy rock was being placed on an egg, the drop was unquestionable and undeniable!

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