Chapter 435: Hard Fight (Part One)

Fei was the first person who had to face this pressure. As if it was a mountain falling down on him, the pressure was coming at him slowly but steadily. When facing this indefensible power, anyone would feel desperate and hopeless.

“Terrifying! Who is he? His strength is even more powerful than Krasic after he used [Energy Channel Radical Revival Forbidden Technique]! He is at least a mid-tier or high-tier New Moon Warrior!”

Fei unleashed all of the strength of his level 99 Barbarian, but it was no use.

The man in red lightly struck forward with his palm, and that invisible force instantly crushed the bladestorm. Although Fei rooted his feet into the ground, his body was still being pressed back. His legs created two deep trails in the sand, and the scene was shocking.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A series of bowstring vibration noises sounded as lights appeared in Elena’s eyes.

Magic arrows were shot out of her magic bow, and each of them contained her full strength. Each arrow was enough to injure a Nine-Star Warrior, and cracking noises sounded as ice formed along the trails of the arrows.

However, powerful arrows like these couldn’t stop that invisible hand.

In fact, the arrows couldn’t even get within five meters of that hand. The arrows alongside the magic energy on them disappeared when they got close.


Tink! Tink!

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

Tens of thousands of soldiers of Zenit knocked their armors with their weapons, and the rhythmic noises sounded similar to the war drums. Each “tink” was meaningful as this was the soldiers’ way of empowering their head commander!

In mid-air, that invisible hand almost obliterated the bladestorm created by [Whirlwind]. As it slowly moved forward inch by inch, it brought everyone on the side of Zenit a ton of pressure.

Fei’s body was being forced to move back.


The level 6 Items from Diablo World were breaking one after another. As if they were corroded by time, they rusted and shattered.

The dual swords in Fei’s hands were bending to an extreme degree as they whined; it felt like they were going to break anytime. Meanwhile, blood continued to leak out of all the pores on Fei. Like sweat, the blood soon stained everything on him and dripped down his body!

Elena’s lips were being dyed into a bright red color by her blood, and the contrast of the red blood and her white skin looked terrifying. However, this Valkyrie wasn’t willing to back down as she continued to shoot out magic arrows.

“Ahahahah! [Whirlwind]!”

Fei roared as he used this most powerful sword technique again. The sword energies went into the sky and formed a bladestorm that looked like a silver dragon. Then, this silver dragon flew towards that huge hand more than 100 meters away.

The silver dragon collided with that huge hand, but it only paused that huge hand from moving forward for a little bit. After three seconds, the bladestorm shattered as if it was made from real metal and disappeared.

The difference in strength was too much!

Fei had to back off, and he was now only 200 meters away from Dual-Flags City.

Although he was covered in blood, his eyes were still bright. Without hesitation, he protected Elena behind him with his shoulders and used [Whirlwind] as he roared again.

This was the benefit of the skills from Diablo World. As long as there were enough HP and MP, Fei could use powerful skills like [Whirlwind] as many times as he wanted without having to experience any cooldown.

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